Super Baseball 2020 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Select Team.
Next Game.
Ready to play.
Here comes the pitch.
Hit the ball.
Another hit.
Hit by Pitch.

Genesis version

Title screen
Short intro
Get ready!
Password screen
Main menu
League select
Pitcher select
Brief explanations...
The game is about to start...
The players are ready
Okay, let's do it!
Weird introduction
The ball is impossible to catch
The robots are doing their best...
Pitcher change
Not much has happened until now...
Come on, get the ball, you stupid robots!
In-game menu
The ball went to the public

Neo Geo version

League Selection
Team Selection
Pitcher Selection
Screen showing the different zones in the playfield
Teams playing
Play Ball
Follow the action from a birds-eye view
Caught the ball in the air
Damn. A foulball
CPU scores a home run
The scoreboard
The umpire speaks

SNES version

US Title Screen
Game Selection Menu
Team Selection
Enter the Stadium
Batter Up!
A ball goes flying towards first base
Swing Batter Batter Swing!
The pitcher has a short circuit
The ball is flying off to the right, probably a foul ball.
Excellent Catch!
The Scoreboard
Players can be powered up using the money earned so far
A player's been hit!
Home Run Dancing
Baseball and the Left Outfielder
The STOP zone, prevents the ball from rolling.
Lucky 7 Inning! Powerups for everyone!
The pitcher makes the catch