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Nice Atari 2600 game! Atari 2600 Gustavo Henrique dos Santos (113)

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade Awaiting 5 votes...
Atari 2600 9 3.7
Atari 5200 5 3.3
Atari 8-bit Awaiting 5 votes...
Atari ST 5 3.0
Game Boy Color Awaiting 5 votes...
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Combined User Score 19 3.4

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Atari 2600Atari HQ (2000)
It's infuriating when magazines coin the term "repetitive" to mean dull, boring and lacking variety. When you consider that Tetris and Breakout are as repetitive and single-minded in execution as they come, you'll agree that, sometimes, the best games are those that do ONE thing spectacularly well instead of pretending to have a wide variety of options, power-ups, levels and different play mechanics. Super Breakout is a masterpiece.
Atari 2600Game Freaks 365 (Jul 03, 2007)
This game is fun enough that it is worth playing more just to see how far you can get into clearing the blocks. Thus, I heavily recommend that anybody who owns both an Atari 2600 and a paddle controller get this game. Actually, if you don't own a paddle controller, it's worth the time to hunt one down for this game. They're not that expensive anymore. The conclusion, therefore, is quite simple: get this game.
Atari 2600Le Geek (2012)
Super Breakout, while very similar to Breakout, has the right mix of challenging and additive gameplay that the original lacks. While not one of my absolute favorites, it is one of the cornerstones of the Atari library and comes highly recommended.
ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
Overall, this version is very hard. Your paddle shrinks when the extra balls come out in Cavity mode or when the ball starts bouncing around really fast, or even sometimes for no reason at all. You'll have a lot of difficulty just getting past the first level, which is why I have to knock this game down a notch. I believe most Arcade games should give you the first level as a freebie to get you warmed up before making life difficult for you, and this game prefers to throw too much at you too quickly.
Atari 2600The Atari Times (Mar 23, 2009)
Matter of fact, I like this game so much that, whenever I plop it into my Atari, I play one of each game (Progressive being my favorite), aside from the first and last ones (i. e. Breakout and the Children’s version). The games are quick and fun, and that’s really all that matters; after all, this is arguably one of the few 2600 cartridges that actually outshines the arcade original. About the only gripe I have with this is the very slow scoring, as racking up 2,000 points on any game (save the Children’s variation) is a fairly major accomplishment.
Game Boy ColorConsoles Plus (Jun, 1999)
D'une sobriété exemplaire, Super Break Out devrait plaire aux nostalgiques.
Atari 2600neXGam (Jun 27, 2013)
Im letzten Spielmodus Progressive Breakout bewegen sich die Reihen nach mehreren Abprallern auf dem Paddle nach unten, dadurch wird es nicht nur schwieriger die Kugel vom Boden wegzuhalten, sondern auch der Punktebonus kann niedriger sein je näher die Blockreihe am Spieler ist. Zu guter Letzt gibt es vom Standardmodus auch noch eine Kids-Verision, die etwas einfacher ist. Zur weiteren Anpassung des Schwierigkeitsgrades lassen sich auch die Difficultyschalter benutzen. Hier werden die Breite des Paddles und die grundsätzliche Geschwindigkeit des Balles festgelegt.
70 (UK) (Oct 25, 2007)
The game's biggest drawback is the over-sensitive paddle, which at times makes it difficult to connect with the ball as fluidly as you would like -- but the simplicity of gameplay means that you'll always come back for a higher ranking. Resistance is indeed futile.
That isn't to say you still can't have some fun with this game, you can, it’s just that it hasn't aged particularly well and has been superseded by much better games. Still this conversion if very authentic to the arcade game is a very good multi-player experience, up to 8 of you can grab a paddle and play along! But if you are looking for a single player experience then you are better off with one of the Atari 8-bit Arkanoid games.
Atari 5200The Atari Times (May 12, 2004)
Although the controls are average, due to the 5200's joysticks, the gameplay is solid. I mean, the game was fun on the 2600, and it's fun on the 5200. Not jaw-droppingly so, but not bad either. It's good for the occasional game or two, but it's inexcusable as a launch title.
Game Boy ColorMega Fun (Jul, 1999)
Spielhallengruftie ohne spielerische Innovationen. Für Fans jedoch noch immer ein Muss.
Atari 5200The Video Game Critic (Apr 17, 2002)
Super Breakout is the most unimpressive-looking game you'll ever see on the 5200. The blocks disintegrate when hit, but otherwise this looks and plays just like the plain-Jane 2600 version. You get the same variations: normal, double, cavity and progressive. Yes, they're fun enough, but you'd think they could have been more imaginative for this version. I was surprised by the control - I never realized those Atari 5200 joysticks were analog! That means you can actually control the speed of the paddle, and it works very well. There's a four-player mode, but Atari missed the boat on this one, since only ONE person can play at a time. Can you imagine how fun it would be to have four players controlling paddles on the screen at once? That would have been easy to do, but Atari was just lazy. It's easy to be critical of this game, but as my friend Scott pointed out, "You really can't blame Breakout for being Breakout". Truer words have never been spoken.
Atari 2600The Video Game Critic (Feb 14, 2004)
First of all, couldn't they have improved the control so you weren't at the mercy of the predetermined angles? And you'd think they could have worked in some two-player cooperative modes. In the final analysis, Super Breakout is okay but should have been better.
Atari 2600Tilt (Nov, 1982)
Combien de fois la version vidéo de la machine d'arcade ou de l'ordinateur classsique se mesure, voire même surpasse, les jeux sur lesquels elle est basée ? Pas si souvent peut-être, mais avec la version VCS de Super Breakout nous avons une cassette encore plus performante.
Atari STST Action (Aug, 1988)
With half-a-dozen so-called Breakout clones available for the ST, which are packed to the cavities with enhanced features such as adhesive bats, why bother with the original? Super Breakout is somehow unspoiled, unpretentious, man and bat against wall. If anyone is justified in enhancing the original, it is Atari!
Game Boy ColorVideo Games (Jun, 1999)
Mit stäbchenartigen Raumschiffen galaktische Klötzchenwände beseitigen - Super Breakout kann man in diesem Genre leider nur als xten Neuaufguß einer simpel-genialen Spielidee bezeichnen. Die Hersteller werden es wohl nie lernen, unvergängliche Highscore-Listen in Form einer Batteriespeicheroption einzubauen - SB trifft das gleiche Schicksal. Die fünf Spielmodi (z.B. mit zwei übereinander gekoppelten Schiffen) können da nichts mehr retten, zumal Sound- und Bild-technisch nicht die Bohne geboten wird. Holt lieber wieder Euren C64 aus dem Schrank.
Game Boy ColorIGN (Feb 16, 2000)
I love the classics...that goes without saying. But if you're going to acquire the rights, do the game right. Look at the original, see how it plays, and base it off of that. Only stray from the design if you think it's going to improve gameplay. The programming in Super Breakout kills the potential fun the game could have had, even with the limited digital controls of the Game Boy system. The game isn't terrible, especially if you never grew up with the game, but it's definitely not an "average" Game Boy game.
Game Boy ColorAll Game Guide (1999)
Overall, I was disappointed with this game. Kudos to the designers for doing a good job of creating an accurate (as humanly possible on the Game Boy Color) rendition of a bona fide Arcade classic. However an additional mode or two of play with enhanced features would help offset my (regrettable and admittedly unfair) gripes with the controls. After a couple of hours' play (extended over two days), Super Breakout for the Game Boy Color got old. I found myself wanting something more, something different. Pokémon Pinball, perhaps.
Game Boy ColorTotal! (Germany) (Jul, 1999)
Das nach wie vor einfache Spielprinzip von Super Breakout ist daher bestenfalls nur noch für ein Spielchen zwischendurch gut. Hätten noch zwei weitere Klassiker den Weg auf dieses Modul gefunden, könnte man Super Breakout für einen Preis von zirka 70 DM durchaus als kleinen Spaßmacher akzeptieren, in dieser Form ist es allerdings ausschließlich für Hardcore-Nostalgiker geeignet.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (Sep, 1988)
More fundamental improvements, such as having the bricks form interesting shapes, are missed out - possibly due to a desire for accuracy in the conversion. Up to eight people can play if they're really desperate, but overall this isn't recommended.
Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Sep, 1988)
Unfortunately it lacks the sophistication of the newer titles, and only has four different screens. The absence of extra weapons and features is also an annoying point, and it takes very little time, for the action to become repetitive and tiresome. Either avoid it, or give one of the new breed a shot.