Super Buster Bros. Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Select mode
First balloon appears
Use hook
Stage clear
World map
Collect fruits
Life lost
I have gun!
Ok, weird level

SNES version

The title screen
Fighting for survival and a high score in "Panic Mode"
The game comes with two modes and four difficulties for "Tour Mode"
Some levels start with creative scenarios not seen in the coin-op version
The gun weapon upgrade has a much wider spread in Super Pang which allows for serious ownage in tight situations
Critters fly or walk around the screen, sometimes popping balls for you, sometimes just being damn annoying.
Advancing to the next region...
Note the diamond ball which, unlike regular balls, flys around faster, bouncing off all surfaces with no regard for gravity!
Ooh! A bonus stage!
I got 5000 points...
Things getting a bit rough...
Some clever management of which balls to release first is needed in this level
Entering my (meager) high score after being claimed by France