Super Castlevania IV Screenshots

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SNES version

Title screen
Title Screen (Jpn)
The uncensored intro from the Japanese version.
The game begins.
When you hold down the action button, the whip can be moved freely and in any direction.
The first boss
In a forest
Medusa as mid-boss
Flying enemy
In a cave - if you hit them, golems split up into several smaller golems.
Nice waterfalls
One of several levels that make use of the SNES' 3D-Chip.
The whole level turning around
Another mid-boss
Skeletons attacking
Starting his journey
Blue enemy
The final battle

Wii U version

Title Screen
Name Entry
Entering Dracula's Castle
Eight-Directional whip control was a big deal when this came out
Behind the gates
Knives will make short work of this thing
Boomerang Cross!
Special Menu added to all Virtual Console games that features modern features such as save states
Fighting Medusa Heads in a barn
First Boss
Castle Map
Avoiding dropping spikes
This dungeon is full of traps
Take that!
Killed by an eyeball monster