The alien Red Falcon is back, and planning on taking over the planet Earth. Now it's up to Scorpion and Mad Dog to battle through five levels and save the planet.

Super Contra is the sequel to Contra. Gameplay is a combination of side scrolling/platform and top down view. There is a wide variety of enemies to defeat, starting with earthly locations, and progressing to more alien. To help out, weapon upgrades can be found as the game progresses. Two players can play simultaneously, or one player can attempt to take on Red Falcon himself.

Contributed by Servo (57408) on Sep 12, 2002. [revised by : f1reball (284)].

In 2634, a year after the Red Falcon situation at Galuga, the Federation Forces receives an emergency distress signal from General Hal after being attacked by the GX Army at South America. Bill and Lance of the Contra unit are deployed by the Federation to investigate the situation. After infiltrating the GX Army's base, they find out that the army men are now possessed by the same kind of alien creatures they fought at Galuga. The battle between the Contra unit and the alien forces has began again.

Contributed by Johnny Undaunted (359) on Jun 27, 2004.