Super Contra Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Intro #1 (English)
Intro #1 (Japanese)
Intro #2: What is this place?
Intro #3: Keep your eyes peeled!
Intro #4
Intro #5
Title screen (English)
Title screen (Japanese)
Stage 1 start
Stage 1 mid-stage
Stage 1 boss 1
Stage 1 boss 2
Stage 2 start
Stage 2 mid-stage
Stage 2 boss
Stage 3 start
Stage 3 mid-stage
Stage 3 boss
Stage 4 start
Stage 4 boss
Stage 5 start
Stage 5 mid-stage
Stage 5 boss 1
Stage 5 boss 2
Little boom!
Triple shot
Enemies of top of the building
Some machines
Boss fight
Laser weapon
Enemies have little barricades
Top-down view
Destroy tank
Game Over
Achieved a high score

DOS version

Title screen (EGA)
Credits (EGA)
The heros of the game (EGA)
The opening sequence (EGA)
Starting a new game (EGA)
Lookout, you're under attack! (EGA)
Didn't do to well against the tank (EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
The opening sequence (CGA)
Starting a new game (CGA)
Defeated by a tank (CGA)

NES version

Title screen
Europe Title screen
Japanese title screen
Descending down a rope to start the game...
Running up
Okay, let's have a conversation, if you insist...
They got me!..
The first boss - helicopter
Top-down level
A tank is blocking the way
Through the gate
They attack from all sides
Crossing a bridge
You have to kill all the three guys in this battle
Forest level
They are chasing me even in water
It is possible to jump on the back of this boss
Quick! If you don't jump quickly enough, you'll fall down
An intimidating. hard-to-hit boss
Cool interior level
Winged demons attacking
A kind of an elevator with small cannons
This boss will try to smash me with his "legs"
Interesting rocky level
Out of the way!
A better weapon certainly comes in handy
Following a narrow path
Monstrous mouths
They spit on me from both sides
This guy isn't that tough. The snake goes into the other hole after crawling around for a while
Interesting environment...
You have to shoot down those green things in order to descend
Deadly plants
Demon-like boss
A very hard level with cool backgrounds
Jumping over gaps and shooting down grey demons
Wow! A WOMAN! Let's blast 'er down with our new weapon...
In the European version, all the characters are robots.

Xbox 360 version

Main Menu
First part of the intro
What is this place?
The heroes Bill and Lance
Title Screen
The game begins.
Beginning of level 2
Watch out for the bullets
The wilderness
Some kind of alien lair

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  • Super Contra Screenshot
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  • Super Contra Screenshot
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  • Super Contra Screenshot
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