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91 (Aug, 2013)
Super Dodgeball elicits complete joy every moment it’s being played. Well done, Kunio-kun. Well done.
The only slight drawback is the inability to select teams other than USA in single-player mode, and some sprite-flickering to account for the large amount of players on screen. That aside, this is an outstanding and supremely fun game for both the sports and action game crowd.
WiiIGN (Sep 22, 2008)
This one was a total surprise. I fully expected that, since Mega Man 9 was hitting WiiWare today, the newly-arrived VC titles would be low-rate junk on the same level as China Warrior. But Nintendo's shocked us in a great way, and debuted the classic Super Dodge Ball as one of the games serving as a member of Mega Man's entourage. It's a great move. If you were perhaps introduced to this series through the more recent Super Dodge Ball Advance on the GBA or Super Dodge Ball Brawlers on the DS, it's more than worth your while to experience this NES original edition of the design. It's addictive, it's comically violent, and it's just a whole lot of fun to play.
TurboGrafx-16ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (May, 1990)
Ich hoffe, daß Euch diese Kurzanleitung zum Einspielen genügt. Falls Ihr mehr wißt oder herausfindet, teilt es mir mit, denn DODGEBALL ist einfach ein Superspiel, das neben guter Animation in comicartiger Aufmachung Spielspaß für (fast) immer verspricht. Toll, was man aus einem Sportspiel machen kann. DODGEBALL ist neben World Court Tennis sicherlich einer der besten PC-Engine-Titel. Man muß es einfach gesehen haben!
WiiNintendo Life (Sep 23, 2008)
Overall, Super Dodge Ball is pretty much a dodgeball extension of River City Ransom. If you liked its humour, style and gameplay, you will most likely enjoy this as well.
Dodgeball is known by almost as many names and variations as there are schoolyards. There are three modes of play here with three skill levels in each mode.
NESAll Game Guide (1998)
Whether you play the computer teams going for the World Cup or your best friend from school, Super Dodge Ball is always a delightful challenge.
NESNES Archives (Feb 24, 2009)
I thought this one was going to be amazing, instead it is only decent. I would love to talk to people who love this one to see what they do to keep it fun. For me, it is just too easy to be fun for more than a few minutes.
NESThe Video Game Critic (Dec 03, 2000)
Now this is an original concept, and I think I like it! Super Dodge Ball is a contest between two teams playing in two connected boxed areas. Each box holds one team's "target players", with offensive players lining the perimeter. The goal is to knock out all of your opponent's target players, each of which has his own life meter. You can pass the ball around, jump, duck, and catch a ball thrown at you. There's nothing more satisfying than nailing an opponent in the back of his head! Graphics are not Super Dodge Ball's strong suit. There's a terrible amount of flicker, and the scrolling is extremely choppy. When you don't have the ball, your control is alternated between your players, which is confusing. But despite its flaws, this innovative game has become somewhat of a cult classic over the years.
TurboGrafx-16Tilt (Sep, 1990)
Rapide, jouable et doté d'une réalisation typiquement japonaise, Done Sport est un logiciel très accrocheur. Les parties sont délirantes, surtout à deux. Je regretterais simplement que ce soft soit moins riche et donc d'une durée de vie moindre que d'autres simulation sportives sur NEC.
PlayStation 4Video Chums (Nov 17, 2015)
Super Dodge Ball is a part of many gamers' beloved classic gaming memories. However, after playing it now and seeing all of its glaring flaws, I'm sure anyone would agree that it hasn't exactly aged as well as Kunio has.
TurboGrafx-16Power Play (Aug, 1990)
Völkerball ist eine denkbar ungewöhnliche Sportart für eine Computer-Version, aber die Umsetzung ist überraschend gut gelungen. Grafik und Steuerung sind passabel und sorgen für spannende Partien. Leider ist Dodge Ball eines der Module, bei denen man das dumpfe Gefühl hat, daß wegen der unverständlichen japanischen Anleitung so manche spieltechnische Feinheit im Unklaren bleibt. Also nur was für Leute, die eine intensive Einarbeitungszeit nicht scheuen.
55 (Oct 23, 2012)
A la frontière entre le sport de ballon et le sport de combat, le ballon prisonnier alors joué dans les cours d'école, débarque dans nos salons à travers la console de Nintendo. Et force est de constater que cette première adaptation vidéoludique est assez fidèle à l'expérience d'origine même si quelques modifications du règlement ont été apportées. Dommage que ce galop d'essai soit entaché par un contenu bien trop rachitique. Les matchs manquent d'intensité et participent à l'installation d'une certaine redondance. Super Dodge Ball se pratique donc non sans déplaisir mais ne vous laissera pas un souvenir impérissable.
Super Dodge Ball is not exactly your mainstream kind of game, but in this case that's not a negative. While the action may seem repetitive at first, the inclusion of special attack techniques brings a new dimension to the play. SDB has rough graphics and is fairly easy, but it does have some merit.
TurboGrafx-16Video Games (Dec, 1992)
Im Quartett macht‘s enorm viel Spaß, alleine fallen Euch schnell die Augen zu.