Super Formation Soccer 95: della Serie A Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Licensed title. Just perfect.
Watch out idiot. Yeah, lots of worthless fanatic out there and this one is probably one of them.
The intro shows all the logos. Parma was strong during that time.
Digitized images. Can you recognize the players?
Intro (Xaqua version only). Xaqua = Energy drink. SFS95 has three editions: Regular, "Extra Package", and the super rare "UCC Xaqua".
Roberto Baggio was/is pretty famous in Japan.
XAQUA commercial.
Title screen.
Main menu. The practice modes: free kick, corner kick, defensive game, and offensive game. The option modes: rules and sound test.
Exhibition - Single game. Up to four players can have fun. There's also the (boring) watch mode.
Exhibition mode. How about a derby match between... Sampdoria and Genoa?
Infortunio (Injury). Players can get hurt.
Horny girls (and panisgas) will fancy this.
There are 18 teams and the player can view some information about each of them. There's also "edit" and hidden teams but that's another story.
Serie A. First match is against Brescia. And all the other matches are "watchable".
Ok, so let's travel to Brescia (situated at the foot of the Alps, bla bla). "Stadio Mario Rigamonti" looks crappy.
Roberto Baggio, Paulo Sousa, Jürgen Kohler, etc... what a team! And guess what? Del Piero will start on the bench.
Some Juventus players look apathetic. Maybe that's because Jorge Cadete (the Portuguese LAME striker) is not a "menace".
The mythical Stadio San Paolo, the home of Napoli. And yes, the Mount Vesuvius will erupt again but not for now.
Ammonizione. You can choose Italian or Normal language. Italian suits better...
"Normal" language: English and Japanese.
Home sweet home. The Stadio delle Alpi was a football and athletics stadium in Turin and was the home of both Juventus and Torino between 1990 and 2006. RIP stadium.
The Dutch Bergkamp is celebrating. He's actually dancing? Not his style...
"69", pretty crazy. Calcio di rigore. And remember the North American Alexi Lalas?
All surnames are real, however, err... due to licensing arrangements(?), the only Japanese player (Kazu Miura) is displayed as Niura. Btw, X means that the player is injured, should be replaced.
Bari players celebrating. Go to youtube... search for "Bari Tovalieri Cobra"...and you will know what I'm talking about.
The Yugoslav (or Montenegrin) Dejan Savićević scored a... header goal. Moviola = Replay.
The Portuguese Paulo Futre scored a goal. Why so excited, biatchess?
Apathetic look as always. Anyway, Molten and Kenwood advertising. About the Lazio fans... are they racist or not? Pathetic fanatics huh?
Two Lazio players trying to imitate Captain Tsubasa crazy tricks.
Viewing some data. The player can create two teams. Is this a "Dream Team"? Almost...... yeah, better removing Rui Águas.
"Situation" mode (using Roma). Interesting scenarios.
Francesco Totti was only 18 when this game was released. Too bad he will not participate in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
Gabriel Batistuta's typical celebration. He's actually celebrating the sweet "tripletta" (hat-trick).
Stadio Artemio Franchi is a football stadium in Florence. You should visit this beautiful city.
Red card for Rui Costa? Nonsense, damn CPU. He never received a red card in his entire footballing career. No, the one he received while playing against Germany (on September 6, 1997) doesn't count.
"Codino" surrounded by (confused) players.
Marco van Basten was "KO" since 1993. After two whole years on sidelines he announced his retirement. However... he still manages to be a top player in this game. Take the free kick, bastard!
End of a "random" derby match (CPU vs CPU). The statistics say it all. It was hella boring.
Meanwhile... the season is almost over. This is really competitive huh.
Top scorers. Signori, remember him? I do. Where's Batistuta?!?!? Not a single player from Juventus because I scored goals with many different players.
Champion with Juventus. But wait... the image is showing Parma players... Fail... :( Fernando Couto's hair is simply unmistakable.
Let's shake hands and be a loyal sportsman. The two players are Roberto Mancini and Franco Baresi.
I lied... I will always try to break your leg(s). This image is NOT about the game credits. It's about paying a tribute to the paramedics.
Stadio Ennio Tardini.
Stadio Olimpico.
Stadio San Siro.
Stadio San Nicola.
Stadio Sant'Elia.
Stadio Luigi Ferraris.