Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts Screenshots

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
The simple option menu.
Arthur goes to the castle.
Somebody is observing the movements in the kingdom outskirts...
Equipped with your faithful armor, King Arthur is ready to battle!
Battle only of underwear is dangerous, very dangerous!
Here you can see an obvious example of a tsunami and its voracious power in the videogames...

SNES version

Title screen
Title Screen (JPN)
Options screen
Athur to the rescue
The first level
The violent sea rises up and washes over the land repeatedly
Fighting through jungles and caves
Facing the first boss - in underwear
Boarding a ghost ship with multiple swinging guillotines
Hop on a series of rafts to avoid whirlpools
The stormy waves bounce the player up and down throughout this section
The seaboss
Climbing a spiral tower
Giant, rotating worm boss
Every game needs a lava level
Viewing a part of the map
In this level, the player takes refuge in these platform cages while the level spins
This level appears to be alive, and this might be organic gas
triple headed dragon boss
An ice level
Bees on patrol
The wolves don't mind the cold
The snow and ice level also sees avalanches which obscure the view of the playing field
The ice boss
You'll hate these guys
Meeting up with Sardius (but not the end of the game yet)
Wall bird