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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 16 3.7
Amstrad CPC Awaiting 5 votes...
Arcade Awaiting 5 votes...
Atari ST 8 3.6
Commodore 64 5 2.8
DOS 9 2.5
Genesis 23 3.6
Macintosh Awaiting 5 votes...
Nintendo 3DS Awaiting 5 votes...
PlayStation 3 Awaiting 5 votes...
Sharp X68000 Awaiting 5 votes...
Wii Awaiting 5 votes...
ZX Spectrum 6 3.2
Combined User Score 67 3.4

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Super Hang-On is an amazing game; it's as playable as its arcade daddy and it even has a free game which prolongs its life span even more! If Sega can do this with Super Hang-On, it bodes very well for their forthcoming conversion of Super Monaco GP!
WiiDefunct Games (May 04, 2012)
Super Hang-On remains an addictive little racing game, even if there's nothing even remotely realistic about the experience. The game offers an impressive amount of content, not something you often hear me saying about arcade games. Don't let the nine dollar asking price throw you off; Super Hang-On is one of the best Virtual Console games of the year!
The sound effects stand out as special, as do the superb graphics. Action is as rip-roaring as the ST and the graphics have been improved a good deal. High-class racing.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (Oct, 1988)
The Electric Dream offering has hit the nail on the head, incorporating the all-important speed, quality graphics, a significant lack of multi-load and sufficient addictive qualities to keep you trying again and again to reach that distant goal. An excellent game.
GenesisJoystick (French) (May, 1990)
Super Hang On est la première course sur Megadrive, et quelle réussite! La taille des motos, les musiques -quatre au choix- n'ont absolument rien à envier à la version originale (celle des arcades). Seuls, les graphismes des décors et l'animation laissent quelque peu à désirer, cette dernière étant bien trop lente pour restituer les vitesses que l'on atteint avec Super Hang On. Malgré cela, Super Hang On est la meilleure course de motos toutes machines confondues. Qu'on se le dise!
The big difference apart from the obviously improved graphics, is in the mouse control. The bike is much more responsive to the mouse than the joystick, providing realistic, fast handling.
AmigaZzap! (Apr, 1989)
A few years ago a strange machine began to appear in arcades across the country. It consisted of a monitor in the front of a red replica of a racing bike. You were supposed to sit on the bike and lean sideways to steer around the corners. That was Hang-On. Later a whole new breed of 'moving' race games began to spring up, so Sega came up with another machine – Super Hang-On, this took the original, improved the graphics and sound, added new stages and tunes and gave players a different bike to sit on. Some proclaimed that the new version was the best racing game ever, 'even better than Out Run' (I wonder where that one came from…), so naturally there had to be a conversion…
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK) (Apr, 1989)
Super Hang-On offers pure, simple fun and lots of playability, and while there's no great depth, the speed of gameplay is nerve-tingling even without nitro-injection - real edge-of-the-seat action. It's the best racing game on the Amiga.
SUPER HANG-ON war ja schon auf den 16-Bit-Rechnern der Oberhammer, doch die SEGA-MEGA-Fassung schlägt die ST- und AMIGA-Version um Längen. Die Grafik ist noch farbenfroher geworden, die Kurvenlage wesentlich realistischer und der Sound absolute Oberklasse. Denn mit zehn Stimmen zeigt uns die Spielekiste, was in ihr steckt!
GenesisMean Machines (Oct, 1990)
I'm in something of a dilemma with this game. It certainly is a great racing game, with plenty of fast action and high quality scrolling: it conveys a superb sense of speed, and all the selectable in-game tunes are catchy little ditties. The choice of game type adds a lot to the playability as the original mode gives you a feeling of planning for a season rather than a single race. Yet I feel that the game is lacking that certain something to make it an all out winner. Still, it's a great game to play and is full of excitement and thrills - if racing's your thing, don't miss it!
ZX SpectrumCrash! (Feb, 1988)
Not quite up to Enduro Racer, but a superb and challenging coin-op conversion.
AmigaThe One (Jan, 1989)
It leaves the newly released Amiga version of Out Run (and almost every other race game) way back on the starting grid in terms of speed and enjoyment value and warrants every Amiga owner's attention.
Atari STST Action (Oct, 1988)
For a long time, the ST has sadly lacked a decent racing game - but not any more! A lot of time and effort have gone into this conversion and it really shows. Graphics are smaller than the arcade version, but are crisper and better defined. All of the five tunes are very good too. Controlling the bike with the mouse struck me as a very odd idea but, if anything, it is more sensitive and makes play easier. A brilliant conversion and, above all, a very playable one. Move over, Outrun, the king of the roads is here!
WiiWiiloveit (May 03, 2012)
It's quite something that this 1987 game still provides such great and fast fun over 20 years later. Super Hang-On is an instantly fun racer that's hard to pry away from. With exciting gameplay, the constant motivation to keep racing, as well as the special addition of tilt controls, it's very easy to recommend this game. You should especially pick this up if you've never played it before, but really anyone who has been itching for a new Virtual Console game or wants to relive a part of gaming history shouldn't pass this one up.
Atari STThe One (Oct, 1988)
It's also very user-friendly, allowing mouse or joystick control, the facility to load and save high scores and even an option to change the scan rate of the game, giving two different sizes of graphics! Super Hang-On is just great, easily the best arcade conversion yet.
GenesisPlayer One (Oct, 1990)
Super Hang-On, tout le monde connaît, on n'en rajoutera pas. La version Megadrive présente un mode de jeu que n'avait pas celle d'arcade, plus intéressant que la simple course.
Nintendo 3DSFNintendo (Dec 13, 2013)
3D Super Hang-On é uma aposta ganha por parte da Sega, conseguiu tornar um título da década de 1980 num jogo perfeitamente actual e capaz de oferecer diversão aos jogadores. É um título que se adapta muito bem a sessões curtas, como muitas vezes se quer numa portátil. Tecnicamente é uma adaptação irrepreensível, com um 3D suave. Um regresso nostálgico em grande e que merece ser jogado.
GenesisTilt (Sep, 1990)
La première course de motos sur Megadrive est une réussite. Les versions ST et Amiga étaient excellentes, mais celle-ci est encore meilleure. La jouabilité est parfaite, dommage que la version française ait perdu au niveau de la vitesse. Indispensable.
Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Sep, 1988)
Super Hang-On just has the edge over Buggy Boy, and makes Outrun look completely pathetic. The feeling of speed and exhilaration it generates is incredible; combine that with superb playability, colourful backdrops and excellent sprites and you've got the best race game to date. Don't miss it.
GenesisRetrogaming History (May 09, 2008)
Super Hang On è una vera evoluzione dell'ormai storico titolo visto in sala-giochi o al bar. La vera chicca di questa cartuccia è la modalità "original" che implementa una porfondità davvero inaspettata. Se non siete dei retrogamer o se proprio i racing game non vi piacciono lasciate perdere, diversamente fatevi un favore: procuratevelo
80 (May 09, 2008)
Un difetto del gameplay invece lo si può trovare nel controllo delle moto con telaio scarso, nella modalità original. Mi spiego meglio: le moto con telaio scarso impiegano molto più tempo a cambiare piega e quindi a curvare dei telai evoluti. Questo potrebbe limitare l’immediatezza della giocabilità perché non è molto gratificante premere a destra sul joypad e vedere che la moto sta ancora curvando a sinistra. Inoltre, questa lentezza, è realizzata male poiché i frame di animazione dello sprite della moto sono pochi e quindi quando si muove piano, non fanno altro che far rimanere a video per più tempo il frame, producendo un lento movimento a scatti. Nulla di grave, niente che vada a minare in modo serio la struttura del gioco, ma che comunque, potrebbe scoraggiare i giocatori più impazienti.
80 (Jun 27, 2004)
SHO even makes for an amazing Nomad purchase. The screen blurring is very minimal and never really detracts from the gameplay at all, well unless you like looking at the credits. The sound and controal are as exceptional as ever on the Nomad.
AmigaAmiga Action (Jan, 1991)
Jump onto your racing bike and zoom around a selection of testing tracks, which vary in difficulty. No matter what other racing games you have played you won't be prepared for the speed and acceleration of Super Hang-on.
Great impression of speed, well-animated riders and good colour with remarkably little clash. Sound effects are on the weak side, but overall it's solid stuff on the presentation front.
GenesisRaze (Jan, 1991)
Super Hang-On's been a classic for years. In its latest incarnation it has become an essential addition for all racing game lovers.
GenesisPower Play (Feb, 1990)
Die Umsetzung entspricht ziemlich genau dem Automaten. In der Spielversion "Arcade Game" kann man den zweirädrigen Straßenflitzer fantastisch gut steuern. Etwas umgewöhnen muß man sich jedoch beim "Original Game". Die Musik-Kompositionen entsprechen genau dem Automaten. Die Grafik ist nicht so spektakulär wie beim Automaten, das tut dem Spielgefühl aber keinen Abbruch. Alle Rennspieler werden dieses Modul lieben.
WiiNintendo Life (May 08, 2012)
Super Hang-On is a neat nostalgia trip and carries some very welcome additions on VC, its motion controls in particular helping to rekindle 1980s arcade memories. It's not worthy of the same classic status as Out Run, feeling a little workmanlike in comparison, but as a slice of SEGA history it's worth a pop.
AmigaOberoende COMputer (S) (Apr 27, 1989)
Hör du till dem som gillar motorcykelspel är Super HangOn helt oumbärlig i din samling. Ett spel som ger dig hand- och joystickkramp efter bara 10 minuter, men samtidigt får du massor med action. Ett härligt spel!
Astonishingly the game actually lost colour on its way over from the Spectrum, leaving the screen drab an largely monochrome. The sound too has traveled badly. A poor conversion indeed that does nobody any credit.
AmigaCompute's Amiga Resource (Apr, 1990)
Occasionally, you may feel the need to be a little nasty and nudge slower drivers out of your way. You won't wreck no matter how hard you hit another motorcycle. However, any altercations with billboards or trees that line the track will result in you and your cycle lying in a sickly looking pile. Though perhaps not the most original game concept, Super Hang On can definitely be entertaining. Just go fast, be mean when you have to - and be sure you don't tip your chair over.
Atari STST/Amiga Format (Nov, 1988)
Super Hang-On is a great conversion of the Sega classic and proves yet again that the gap between coin-up and 16-bit is narrowing all the time.
Commodore 64ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Jan, 1988)
SUPER HANG ON ist somit zwar ein technisch ausgefeiltes Game, das viel Spaß macht, aber es bietet gegenüber dem Vorgänger viel zu wenig Abwechslung und Variationen. Die von Euch, die Enduro Racer bereits besitzen, können sich die Geldausgabe getrost sparen. Den Unentschlossenen möchte ich den Nachfolger ans Herz legen, denn das Programm ist schließlich gut in Szene gesetzt und bietet abwechslungsreichere Grafiken.
Atari STPower Play (Oct, 1988)
Spielerisch ist Super Hang On aber wenig aufregend. Man braust halt in der Landschaft herum und weicht den Mitfahrern aus. Wer noch kein Rennspiel für seinen ST hat, kann hier zugreifen. Doch wer von Out Run & Co. schon die Nase voll hat, möge eine große Rechtskurve um dieses Spiel machen.
AmigaGamezone (Germany) (Jan 13, 2008)
Super Hang On sollte eine solide, wenn auch nicht übermäßig berauschende Neuauflage des Spielhallenhits Hang On sein. In fast allen Bereichen gibt es sowohl positive, als auch negative Aspekte, wobei die guten Ansätze dann doch überragen, wenn auch nur minimalst. Das geniale Spielhallenfeeling vom ersten Teil konnte nur Ansatzweise mit in die Neuauflage übernommen werden, was mit Sicherheit an der nicht ganz einwandfreien Steuerung liegt. Wer ein Fable für Arcade Rennspiele hat, der kommt mit Sicherheit nicht daran vorbei einen Blick in die Amigaversion zu werfen. Etliche Jahre nach Erstveröffentlichung von Super Hang On, sollte es später übrigens auch noch eine Auflage für den Sega Mega Drive geben. Es darf allerdings vermutet werden, das dies eine Huldigung für den Erstaufleger darstellen sollte, der wie gesagt weitaus populärer war, als sein Nachfolger.
Amstrad CPCHappy Computer (Mar, 1988)
Super Hang-On kann man eigentlich nur denen empfehlen, die noch kein Motorradrennen auf dem Schneider CPC haben. Es spielt sich ähnlich wie „Enduro Racer“. Wem Beschleunigen und Abbremsen auf die Dauer zu langweilig werden, sollte von Super Hang-On besser Abstand halten.
Amstrad CPCPower Play (Feb, 1988)
Die bunte Spitzengrafik und das hohe Tempo des Automaten-Vorbilds gingen bei dieser Umsetzung verloren, aber von einem 8-Bit-Computer darf man auch keine Wunderdinge erwarten. Was bleibt, ist ein wenig aufregendes Spielprinzip. Es erinnert ebenso wie die recht gute Grafik sehr an die CPC- und Spectrum-Versionen von „Enduro Racer“. Bei so viel Ähnlichkeit lohnt es sich kaum, beide Programme zu kaufen. Erfreulich, daß es vier komplexe Levels gibt, die man auch einzeln anwählen kann. Ansonsten bietet die CPC-Version von Super Hang-On wenig Neues. Wer Lust auf ein neues Motorradspiel hat, wird damit ganz gut bedient. Ein überragendes Software-Ereignis sollte man aber lieber nicht erwarten.
GenesisVideoGame (Apr, 1991)
Uma incrementada corrida de motocicletas, em quatro países diferentes. À medida que for vencendo, o "piloto" pode comprar equipamentos para "envenenar" sua máquina.
Die Grafiken der einzelnen Routen, die wiederum in Abschnitte mit Zeitlimit aufgeteilt sind, sind mit der ST-Fassung nahezu identisch, aber teilweise etwas durchwachsen. So gibt‘s mal eine grobe Grauabstufung für den Himmel, aber auch herrliche Farbverläufe samt schönen Backgrounds, vor denen das Gasgeben Spaß macht. Die Animation und das Scrolling gehen allenfalls okay, nur an manchen Stellen flackert ein Sprite mal - warum eigentlich??? Dafür wurde aber der Sound etwas verbessert, was sowohl für die FX als auch die Musi gilt, die auf dem ST alles andere als toll waren. Was insgesamt übrigbleibt, ist also ein gelungenes Rennspiel!