Super House of Dead Ninjas Screenshots

User Screenshots

Browser version

Title screen
The loader comes before the title screen if it needs to download the game files.
The Lodge, as this screen is called, where the player selects from an arsenal of melee, ranged weapons, bombs, and magic.
Select your difficulty and which map to play.
Crimson Ninja in action. Bottom right corner shows the time left, this game is all about the race to the finish.
About to pick up some shurikens. Notice that the interlacing feature has been turned off.
When the player dies this screen will pop up for a chance to continue; no continue available for Hard level of difficulty.
This screen gives you a last played summary and some menu options.
This is the screen available from clicking on the More Stats button on previous menu.
Here is the comic that the game often refers to. The comic reader controls are fading out.

Windows version

Title screen from the Steam version of the game.
The Windows version of the game offers a custom map editor; with Steam Workshop maps can easily be shared with others.
The high score screens even allow you to filter names showing only your Steam friends.
The handy keyboard reassignment screen; the browser version doesn't have this.
The dice icon in upper left enables "Chaos Mode" which will randomly select from the arsenal each time a new game is started.
The first few levels of the tower offer a concise tutorial, or it can be skipped by bombing the left wall and dropping down.
An item from the Lodge arsenal has been unlocked as shown in the upper right corner.
The New symbol on the Visit Lodge button also reminds player that something is unlocked.
When the player submits an end of game score, this screen appears to show overall ranking. I'm ranked 1739th on the normal difficulty.
A messy death if you let the spikes touch you. The health indicator is shown top and center.