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Super Kick Off

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Game Gear
Game Boy
SEGA Master System

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Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Game Boy 1 5.0
Game Gear 2 1.6
Genesis 3 2.4
SEGA Master System 2 1.4
SNES 2 4.0
Combined MobyScore 10 2.6

The Press Says

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SEGA Master SystemMean Machines
The world's finest soccer game finally arrives on the Master System... and it's utterly, utterly superb. It's got exactly the same graphics, gameplay and game logic that made the Amiga version one of the greatest games ever written. The controls are superb, although those new to Kick Off might find them a bit strange at first because the ball doesn't stick to your feet like in other football games. Instead you "run" with the ball. It might sound weird, but believe me, once you master it you won't believe the moves you can get your players to pull off! The computer logic is simply brilliant, with your team seeming to read your mind! When you pass there's always another player running onto the ball, keeping play going and making it possible to string together complex, sweeping moves! The computer teams are very intelligent, and it takes an awful lot of practice before you can consistently beat them!
GenesisMean Machines
The best football game going, and one which every Megadrive owner, regardless of their interest in the sport, should leap out and purchase.
SEGA Master SystemComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Incredible though it may seem, Super Kick Off on the Master System is one of the best versions of this all-time classic you'll ever see! Quite how the programmers have stuffed this inside Sega's 8-bit machine I don't know, but believe me, it's utterly brill! The manic pace and playability of the Amiga original has been faithfully recreated, and at first glance you'd swear blind you were playing on a 16-bit machine! With just about every feature of the original built in, this is a dream come true for MS-owning soccer freaks across the land. Buy it or stay left on the touchline as everybody else latches onto a good thing and enjoys top-notch entertainment on Sega's evergreen machine!
GenesisSega Force
Sammanfattningsvis: det bästa fotbollsspelet hitintills. Har allt man kan önska sig. Ska bara säga en sak: Ut med domaren! Han visar kort, både röda och gula, som om de föreställde hans nyfödde son!
All in all a potentially great game let down by poor scrolling and a few minor gameplay faults. More for the serious football fan than those looking for an arcade-style soccer game.
Game GearPlayer One
Le point fort de Super Kick Off, c'est incontestablement le réalisme de cette simulation. Malheureusement, lors de la prise en main, l'ergonomie laisse à désirer. Il faut vraiment être un inconditionnel du foot pour prendre le temps de maîtriser correctement le jeu.
It's a shame that a game full of options has about as much action as an all-blind, Jewish team playing with a pork ball.
SEGA Master SystemGamesCollection
Semplicemente il peggior gioco di calcio che io abbia mai giocato.