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Game Boy Advance64 Power / big.N / N Games (Jun, 2001)
Auch wenn Super Maria Advance “nur‘ eine Umsetzung des NES-Titels Super Mario Bros. 2 ist, zählt dieser Titel zweifelsohne zu den wichtigsten Starttiteln überhaupt. In Japan beispielsweise gehört SMA etwa für jeden dritten GBA-Käufer zur Grundausstattung und auch hierzulande wird Nintendo wohl eine ähnlich gute Quote erreichen, denn das erste portable Mario der neuen Generation wurde ordentlich aufgepeppt.
Game Boy AdvancePocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames (Jul, 2001)
Grâce à la dimension de l’écran, le rendu graphique écrase sans peine la version SNES. Afin d’affirmer la suprématie de la GBA, de nouvelles étapes d’animation ainsi que des effets de zoom et de rotation ont été ajoutées. De même, un nombre impressionnant de digitalisations vocales font leur apparition et ponctuent les moindres faits et gestes de nos protagonistes. L’abondance nuit cependant à l’ambiance sonore et le joueur n’a rapidement qu’une envie, celle de couper le son ! Afin de justifier le prix de la cartouche, Mario Bros Classics a été inclus en bonus. Dans cette adaptation du jeu d’arcade, vous devez nettoyer chaque salle de ses créatures. Plutôt amusant, l’intérêt de ce titre réside dans la possibilité de jouer à quatre simultanément avec une seule cartouche via le link. Sa présence permet d’augmenter considérablement la durée de vie, Mario 2 se terminant en une petite douzaine d’heure pour qui le découvre.
Game Boy (Mar 16, 2008)
Wie man sieht, hat Nintendo an dem alten Spiel kräftig herumgeschraubt und es dadurch deutlich aufgepeppt. Die Verantwortlichen müssen aber trotzdem ein schlechtes Gewissen gegenüber der Fan-Gemeinde gehabt haben, als sie ein erneutes Remake des Klassikers beschlossen. Vielleicht bekam "Super Mario Advance" deshalb als Wiedergutmachung noch ein zweites Spiel spendiert: das noch ältere "Mario Bros.", in dem man die Kanalisation von Ungeziefer säubert. Natürlich auch in einer überarbeiteten Fassung und einer umfangreichen Multiplayer-Funktionalität. Ob dies die damalige kollektive Enttäuschung mildern konnte, wage ich zu bezweifeln. Für mich persönlich habe ich mit "Super Mario Advance" das schönste Spiel der Reihe vorliegen, das ich als Marios süßesten Traum betrachte und mit unserem Classic Award auszeichne. Die damals enttäuschten Fans mögen es mir vergeben. ^^
Game Boy AdvanceGame Informer Magazine (Jul, 2001)
I smiled the entire time I played Mario Advance. A perfect port of Mario 2 would've sufficed, so every new area, huge enemy, and clever voice-over was a bonus to me. Mario Bros. has become a glorified minigame, and doesn't stand the test of time. Sure, this is a recycled classic instead of a new game, but I don't seem to care.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpy (Jan 21, 2002)
It's not an original Mario game, but that doesn't matter. It's Mario and the gang, and it's on the GBA. Go buy it. With its more strategic pace and multiple choices of characters, you can't go wrong.
Game Boy AdvanceHappyPuppy (Apr 10, 2001)
Although it doesn't bring anything truly new or innovative to the table, Super Mario Advance nevertheless manages to showcase the strengths of two classic titles with a deservedly long shelf life. It’s well worth owning.
Game Boy AdvanceAll Game Guide (2001)
The superior play value of Super Mario Advance is a sign of good things to come. With several more installments of the classic characters on the way, including Super Mario Bros. 3 and Wario Land, Nintendo and the Game Boy Advance are quickly reintroducing players to the great titles that helped make Nintendo what it is today.
Game Boy AdvanceGamePro (US) (Jun 11, 2001)
For those of you too young to remember Mario 2 for the NES, here’s a quick primer: A bloated frog named King Wart has taken control of the world of dreams. You get to control Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess each with their own very distinct strengths and weaknesses as they run around seven worlds uprooting plants and hurling them at enemies. This GBA version features nice improvements to the original graphics and sounds like independently scrolling multi-layered backgrounds, as well as new animations, sound effects, and even speech though its simple 8-bit roots are still pretty obvious. And even in its diminutive form, the game feels exactly the same as it always has pros, cons, and all.
Game Boy AdvanceGamer's Pulse (Jul 23, 2001)
Overall, if you’re a Mario fan, a fan of platformers, or have never played Super Mario Bros. 2, then you should definitely pick up this title. Super Mario Advance might be nothing more than a beefed-up port of an old game, but hell, it’s a Nintendo classic. Even if you have played Super Mario Bros. 2 before, there might just be enough new features in Super Mario Advance to warrant a purchase.
Game Boy AdvanceAdvance (2001)
Technisch gesehen hat Nintendo saubere Arbeit geleistet: Das Spiel sieht einen ganzen Zacken besser aus als auf dem NES und der quasi 16:9-Bildschirm sorgt für mehr Überblick.. Die Steuerung und der Sound sind ebenfalls rundum gelungen, so dass sich insgesamt ein stimmiges Bild ergibt. Wer die in Super Mario Advance enthaltenen Spiele noch von früher kennt und die Schnauze von ihnen voll hat sucht sich vielleicht lieber eine neue Herausforderung. Junge Fans von Nintendo bekommen ein gutes Jump‘n‘Run mit netten Extras und einem gelungenen Bonusspiel für einen fairen Preis geboten!
Game Boy AdvanceVideo Chums (Nov 11, 2014)
Super Mario Advance is quite an ambitious package. It includes Super Mario Bros. 2 which has upgraded visuals and audio and a ton of extra content along with Mario Bros. which is full of score-beating and frantic multiplayer fun. Gamers can't go wrong with tracking down a copy of this Nintendo classic (or downloading it to their Wii U).
Game Boy AdvanceGame Informer Magazine (Jul, 2001)
Never one to miss a party, a game with Mario’s mug plastered on it has accompanied the launch of every Nintendo handheld and console. Taking a chapter out of his legendary crusade, Super Mario Advance is merely a compilation of two forgotten classics: Mario Bros. and Super Mario 2. Rather than porting both titles in their original forms, Nintendo has completely restored and slightly enhanced both games. Along with crisp, high-resolution graphics, new environmental effects, and a drastic boost in color, Super Mario 2’s audio delivers new voice-overs and a catchy soundtrack similar to that in Super Mario All-Stars. Furthermore, Red Coins are hidden within each level, and when the game is completed, a second quest featuring Yoshi’s Eggs becomes available.
Game Boy (Jul 05, 2001)
Als Einstiegstitel in die Welt des Game Boy Advance ist der neue Mario-Titel geradezu prädestiniert. Super Mario Bros. 2 macht auch nach dem x-ten Durchspielen immer noch Spaß und zu zweit lässt Mario Bros. Battle kaum Langeweile aufkommen. Wer Jump&Runs mag, wird das neue Mario-Spielmodul lieben und auch alle anderen sind mit gut beraten!
Game Boy AdvanceGamezilla (Jun 19, 2001)
Super Mario Advance, apart from its moniker, offers very little that’s advanced. Mainly a rehash of Super Mario Bros. 2 with the original Mario Bros. thrown in for good measure, Super Mario Advance succeeds only because you can take this one on the road with you. It’s not that Super Mario Advance isn’t fun, but I think I would have been a little more forgiving if Nintendo could have made a new Mario game, or at least added the even better Super Mario Bros. 3.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpot (Jun 05, 2001)
Super Mario Advance effectively highlights the power of the handheld with its brilliant, rich visuals and will provide hours of challenging fun, especially for those who haven't played the original games on which it is based.
Game Boy AdvanceGaming Target (Jul 26, 2001)
Once you’ve beaten the SMB 2 there isn’t that much to do in the game anymore. The one exception is that in each level there are five hard to attain coins. While I’m unsure what this unlocks, (it’s extremely challenging) it is something you can go back and do. (Similar to the challenge mode in Super Mario Bros. DX) Mario Bros. Classic is basically what gives this game staying power. You can always play the one player mode to see if you can attain the highest score, and if that’s not your bag, battling with friends will prove satisfactory for quite some time.
Game Boy AdvanceNintendo Life (Mar 25, 2010)
Super Mario Advance is two games from the 80's thrown together, but these two games have found themselves a new home and a makeover done well enough to give older gamers another reason to have a crack at it, and younger gamers who haven't had the pleasure of playing these classics a reason to see what all the fuss was about. Super Mario Advance might not have been the brand new Mario adventure everyone wanted back in the Game Boy Advance launch (and it never got an original Mario adventure, either), but its a worthy addition to anyone's Game Boy Advance collection.
Game Boy AdvanceSuper Play (Sweden) (Jun, 2001)
Det råder ingen tvekan om att Super Mario Advance är ett ovanligt bra plattformsspel. Ser man till hela genren tillhör det definitivt toppskiktet.
Game Boy AdvanceGamekult (Apr 09, 2001)
Si la réalisation de Super Mario Advance est très correcte pour ce genre de jeu, ce n'est un qu'un remake amélioré d'un grand hit que certains d'entre vous ont encore en tête. Si vous ne connaissez pas cet épisode, ce Mario doit faire partie de votre ludothèque Advance car il constitue un achat à la durée de vie conséquente qui remplira parfaitement sa fonction de jeu de plates-formes 2D. Si vous vous rappelez encore de la version 8 bits, vous devez savoir à quel point cet opus est grand. Mario Advance fera donc partie des jeux à acheter avec la console. Restent les fervents opposants au genre ou au personnage qui passeront leur chemin, en ratant encore une fois une démonstration de gameplay et de créativité ludique.
Game Boy AdvancePower Unlimited (Jul, 2001)
Super Mario Advance is absoluut een goede en verslavende game maar niet een waarmee je laat zien wat je allemaal met de GBA kunt doen. Net als Tekken Tag Tournament op de PS2: speelt lekker, ziet er niet slecht uit, maar van een nieuwe console met meer processorkracht mag je meer verwachten. En dat geven we aan met het totaalcijfer.
Game Boy (Jan 12, 2002)
In conclusion, then, fans of Mario will enjoy this, albeit uninspired new edition for the GBA. It is not however, among the best available for the fledgling hand-held, nor is it as good as some of Mario’s previous outings. Fun, as ever, but by no means perfect.
Game Boy AdvanceThe Next Level (Sep 25, 2001)
All said and done, does Super Mario Advance deserve a spot in your GBA library? I would say yes, it's a remake of an ingenious game, comes with enough extras and features of its own, shows an inkling of the handheld's possibilities, and most importantly, it's a great platformer on the go. Two great games, one great handheld, and the playability anywhere: a worthy purchase if there ever was one.
Game Boy (Jun 20, 2001)
Super Mario Advance n'apporte pas beaucoup de nouveautés à la collection des jeux Mario dans la mesure où celui-ci n'est que l'adaptation de deux vieux épisodes. Cependant, l'adaptation est excellente et le fun est toujours au rendez-vous. Super Mario Advance permettra aux plus jeunes de découvrir ces épisodes et aux nostalgiques de les redécouvrir.
Game Boy AdvanceGame Critics (Jun 14, 2001)
I really wanted to enjoy Mario Advance, but Nintendo released the two least compelling Mario games in a single package with almost no improvements. Super Mario Advance feels more like "Marios Also-Rans" than Mario All-Stars. Again, its not that Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2 are terrible games. Theyre above-average titles worth checking out, especially if youve never played them before. But theyre not great games that weve come to expect from the Mario franchise. My advice—hold on to your $30 until Nintendo releases the inevitable sequels to Super Mario Advance featuring games far worthier of another look.
Game Boy AdvanceGame Freaks 365 (2001)
So far as replay goes, there are red coins hidden in the levels to be found, like the coins to be found in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. Nintendo obviously didn't have exact port in mind when they made this game, and that is commendable, plus the searching will add some to the replay value. However, not everybody is interested in looking for coins, and even those that are won't have much reason to continue playing after finding them. Add to that the fact that Super Mario Bros. isn't particularly long, and you've got a fun game that doesn't last long.
Game Boy (UK) (Jun 26, 2001)
It's strange to think that Super Mario All Stars is now eight years old, and even stranger still when you realise that SMB2 itself has now been around in various forms for 13 years. It's high time it caught the public's attention again, and the few changes here and there are nice, but even with the addition of a multiplayer Mario Brothers game and Yoshi's Challenge, the game is still pretty tired. If you've never played it then you have absolutely no excuse for not buying this, and if any of your friends have bought the GameBoy Advance, you should hunt down a copy of SMA simply to try out the multiplayer linkup option.