Accumulate extra lives as early as the second level...Contributed by Pwa (374) on Aug 15, 2003.

In stage 1-2, you can gain dozens of lives by dong the following: Finish 1-1 with the 'rabbit tail' that enable mario to float to the ground slowly. Then enter 1-2 and pass the first set of green tubes that monsters continually fall out of. The large number of enemies produced here allows you to do a very easy trick to gain several lives. When you jump on several monsters in a row without touching the ground, notice that the points you get from killing them increases every time. (i.e. 200, 400, 800...) After you kill a certain number of monsters in a row, you start winning a life for every monster you kill intead of useless points! So here, using the rabbit tail allows you to float in between kills, and the pipe ensures a constant supply of monsters... The trick is to start off by jumping twice on the winged-monster and then coming back towards the pipe because you inevitably kill monsters faster than they pop out of the tube. This will allow you to start geyting points while the tube generates the next two or three monsters of the cycle.

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