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The first game I played and beat. NES CaptainN (26)
Hmmmm.... Mushrooms!! NES Zovni (10666)
Behold…the game that saved an industry! NES PCGamer77 (3236)
Your princess is in another castle NES Christina Nordlander (26)
Surprisingly addictive, yet not without its flaws. NES BigJKO (71)
The first jump heard around the world. NES STU2 (72)
the great-grandfather of all platform games, and still a blast to play today NES Ryu (56)
The Best NES Matt Neuteboom (989)
Number 1 reason to visit friends NES vedder (30190)
Friday 18 October 1985: the Messiah of the console industry is born! NES Stsung (53)

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Game Boy Advance 52 3.7
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Super Mario Bros. is a marvelous creation with an inspired, living, breathing “world,” deep gameplay, great sounds, memorable music, and fantastic control.
100 (Aug, 2013)
Almost thirty years later, Super Mario Bros. remains a landmark. The graphics continue to inspire legions of artists, the music is as timeless as any Beethoven sonata, and I challenge you to find more pitch-perfect controls in any other two-dimensional side-scrolling game. There are arguably better games than Super Mario Bros; subjectivity and all that. But there are few games that have had such long-lasting impact for millions of people worldwide, fewer games still that are universally admired for the scope of their accomplishments. Super Mario Bros. wasn’t just a game: it was a revolution, the effects of which we’re still experiencing today.
Nintendo 3DSFNintendo (Mar 04, 2012)
Este é um dos maiores clássicos de todos os tempos! Uma conversão fiel ao original, até nas falhas gráficas, de uma obra que transpôs fronteiras, traçando caminho para muitos jogos do género e não só. Todos os fundamentos de diversão, como jogabilidade perfeita, grafismo agradável e música carismática, marcam presença numa experiência retro simplesmente imperdível. Ter o prazer de reviver tudo isso agora numa portátil é isso mesmo, um prazer... intemporal.
100 (UK) (Jan 16, 2007)
Even two decades down the line, it's incredible just how easy it is to get into, and how much its influences still linger on. And thanks to the fact that it was specifically designed for the NES, we have absolutely no moans about it. Apart from Nintendo not bothering to maintain the screen's aspect ratio when you're running in widescreen, this is, pretty much, Super Mario Bros as nature intended, with no borders in evidence. Some, though, claim the version delivered to European customers has been sped up to make up for the dreaded '50Hz effect'. Definitive answers on a postcard, etc.
NES1UP! (May 05, 2001)
On a beau connaître ce premier Super Mario par coeur, il est bon d'y revenir, on y trouve toujours son plaisir et des années après il arrive encore de faire des découvertes. Même s'il est loin d'exploiter le potentiel de la NES et que les graphismes sont dépouillés et répétitifs (ils n'ont pas le charme de ceux de Mario 2 qui passent admirablement bien sur GBAdvance), la science avec laquelle tout a été pensé pour que le joueur s'amuse est si parfaite, que les jeux ont beau se succéder, Super Mario Bros reste un modèle du genre.
NESGood Game (Oct 06, 2008)
It took this little pixilated plumber to show the world that games and consoles still had a place in our homes. That they can have a plot, a great villain, definable graphics, replay value and a user interface that gave players more control of the game. Mario deserves a 10/10, and we wish we could give him more.
NESGood Game (Oct 06, 2008)
Super Mario Bros set many platforming and game design standards, that would be emulated and built upon for years to come. The reason Mario is so important is not only because it was a great game, but it was a becon of light after a long wait in the dark, and a window into what games COULD be.
NESNES Archives (Feb 24, 2008)
If you are only going to own a few games for the NES, this is one you should own. Super Mario Bros. is the game that caused the initial success for Nintendo and still packs an amazing amount of fun – even by today’s standards.
100 (Jan 19, 2007)
Äußerst simpel, aber ungemein Spaß bringend. Wenn Eure Wii-Punkte nur noch für einen Titel aus dem NES-Sortiment reichen, dann ist dies Euer Spiel! Gesetzt den Fall, Ihr habt die acht abwechslungsreichen Welten unverbrauchter Jump and Run-Genialität nicht schon im Schrank stehen.
WiiVirtual Console Reviews (Dec 25, 2006)
This game needs no introduction, this was really where it all began with our favourite Italian plumber. Having been originally bundled free with the NES console in 1985 Super Mario Bros. Proved to be a killer app at the time helping to shift millions of consoles. There have since been many imitators but none have quite captured the original Mario magic except perhaps the excellent sequels of course!
100 (May 21, 2008)
Uscire dal tunnel di Super Mario bros., potrebbe risultare impossibile. Una volta che avrete iniziato a giocare sappiate che non riuscirete più a smettere. Sarete costretti ad esplorare questo goliardico sogno virtuale in ogni suo anfratto, come fosse il più segreto angolo del vostro io più intimo. Mamma mia!

NESThe Video Game Critic (Dec 13, 2003)
Not only did this game define platform gaming as we know it, but few games have ever surpassed Super Mario Bros in terms of fun and addictiveness. The game's imaginative levels, tight control and sheer variety are simply amazing for a 1985 release.
All in all Super Mario Bros. is still just as great as it has always been. I would recommend this to any gamer that enjoys 2D games. Unless you're strictly only a 3D gamer than play this game. Though, I'm pretty sure that nearly everyone on earth has already played it!
Game Boy AdvanceThunderbolt Games (Jul 24, 2004)
Super Mario Bros. was, is, and always will be a gaming masterpiece. Its oft imitated, yet rarely equaled combination of gameplay responsiveness, superb level design and visual flourish, combined with that special loving touch that only Miyamoto seems able to wield, makes it one of those rare games that seems to transcend time. When watching my seven-year-old nephew sit glued in front of a TV, completely enraptured with the exact same game that delighted me 20 years ago, I can only smile and shake my head in wonder. Amazing. Truly amazing.
NESAll Game Guide (1998)
In terms of length, Super Mario Bros. is quite the challenge for novice gamers and still presents a sizable adventure for run-and-jump veterans. Fully exploring the worlds for every trick and secret will necessitate clearing your calendar for a couple weeks at the least. Anyone who considers them self a gamer needs to play this game at least once, if not simply for a history lesson.
NESJust Games Retro (Jan 28, 2007)
No one has actually asked this, but someone may be wondering. Why, in the five years of this site, have I not reviewed Super Mario Brothers? It's the seminal title in the minds of many, it defined the NES, it almost single-handedly created the platforming genre, it pulled Nintendo out of the crash of '83, and rose "Jumpman" from a simple character to a mascot that has endured for decades. So why not talk about this recognized classic? I could say that I didn't see the point in writing yet another review about Super Mario, and that would be partially true. Ultimately, the real reason was that I was too intimidated. I mean, this is a game loved by people who don't even love games. This is a game that damn near anyone can play and enjoy. On top of that, this is a game that started so many people's gaming careers. How can you write anything more than a tribute?
Game Boy AdvanceGamerDad (Jul 25, 2004)
From popular remakes of 20-year-old songs to the best-selling "Indiana Jones" DVD box set to the return of clothes with – dare we say it – color, the 1980s are cool once again. OK, save maybe for a "Flock of Seagulls" haircut and acid wash jeans. Japanese gaming giants Nintendo has also gone "retro" with a classic version of its 15-year-old Game Boy machine and a collection of original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) titles from the mid-‘80s.
NESVideoGame (Mar, 1991)
Mesmo sendo a primeira missão dos super irmãos Mário e Luigi, este é um jogo que continua empolgando todo mundo. Nesta aventura, os dois simpáticos baixinhos devem salvar a princesa Toadstool, que é mantida presa pelo terrível Koopa. Ele usurpou o trono do Reino dos Cogumelos, infestando-o com as mais terríveis criaturas. Koopa-paratroopa, uma tartaruga alada, e os irmãos Martelo, sempre prontos a "martelar" os heróis, são algumas delas.
Ce jeu alerte et plein de finesse m'a réellement enthousiasmé ! Les tableaux sont variés, les graphismes et l'animation sont bons, et le joystick répond à merveille aux moindres sollicitations. Un MUST.
NESRetroage (Jul 07, 2009)
Nie boję się na koniec napisać, że Super Mario Bros. to na dzień dzisiejszy najbardziej przełomowy tytuł w dziejach historii elektronicznej rozrywki. Wprowadził do kanonu gier mnóstwo jak na ówczesne czasy innowacji, które na wiele kolejnych lat stały się standardem i zarazem swoistym wyznacznikiem jakości w branży. Super Mario Bros. to prawdziwy system seller i pozycja absolutnie obowiązkowa bez względu na wiek, płeć, rasę czy wyznanie. Każdy musi w to zagrać żeby zrozumieć, dzięki czemu tak naprawdę na dobre zaczęła się kręcić ta wielka maszyna elektronicznej rozrywki, którą możemy obserwować po dzień dzisiejszy. Podsumowując, jeśli już grałeś(aś) w Super Mario Bros. to zagraj ponownie, jeśli nie to koniecznie kup NESa już dziś i nadrób zaległości. Ta gra to wiecznie żywa legenda i zdaje się, że mimo ćwierć wieku na karku nadal jest u szczytu formy... i niech tak zostanie na zawsze.
97 (Aug 28, 2005)
El fondo no era absolutamente negro, sino azul cielo. Árboles y arbustos adornaban algunos tramos del camino, y el colorido nos presentaba diferentes lugares y situaciones. Un apartado gráfico bastante interesante. Pero lo que realmente llamaba la atención era la música del juego. Apenas tenía 4 melodías principales (niveles de superficie, niveles subterráneos, niveles subacuáticos y castillo), pero el tema que corresponde a los niveles de superficie (la que más se oía durante el juego) sin duda ha pasado a la historia como una de las melodías de videojuegos más conocidas de todos los tiempos. Incluso gente ajena a este mundo de las consolas es capaz de reconocerla. No es para menos, pues Super Mario Bros. marcó el inicio de una nueva era, se convirtió en un referente histórico y se mantiene en el recuerdo colectivo de los jugadores como una de las grandes obras maestras de la industria.
NESGeeks Under Grace (Sep 10, 2014)
Super Mario Bros. is a positively terrific game. It as all the retro graphical & musical charm and intuitive playability you expect from memorable games from the 80’s and 90’s, and it honestly never gets old. If you haven’t played it, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Find a friend that has it, scour the secondhand shops, browse online merchants, or find a digital re-release. You absolutely must play this game.
95 (Jul 03, 2001)
Když v pátek 13. září roku 1985 zahájila firma Nintendo prodej nové hry s názvem Super Mario Bros., nikdo tehdy netušil jaký fenomén právě vypouští do světa. Po více než 2 desetiletí až do roku 2009 byl Super Mario nejprodávanější videohrou všech dob a po celém světě se prodalo více jak 40 miliónů kopií. Dnes zná tuto hru téměř každý, dokonce i ten, kdo ji nikdy nehrál.
NESGamesCollection (Feb 05, 2009)
Super Mario Bros. è un gioco che non ha età, come le prime versioni di Pac-Man, Tetris o Space Invaders. Si tratta di giochi perfetti, eterni, divertenti, in cui ogni miglioramento "per adattarlo ai gusti e agli standard tecnologici odierni" sembra solo un lifting in grado di peggiorare le cose. La cartuccia originale per NES contiene tutto quello di cui c'è bisogno per divertirsi. E poi le musiche di Koji Kondo, i primi personaggi di Miyamoto, il level design.
95 (Dec 02, 2010)
Super Mario Bros est un grand classique du jeu vidéo, un incontournable auquel il faut avoir joué au moins une fois dans sa vie, une pierre angulaire de l’Histoire de ce loisir devenu, en partie grâce à ce titre, si populaire de nos jours. Maintes fois copié mais jamais égalé, le soft est vite devenu culte, grâce à un personnage attachant et à une réalisation de haut vol incluant des graphismes agréables, des musiques inoubliables et un gameplay révolutionnaire.
NESGame Freaks 365 (Nov 01, 2007)
If you are reading this, and you have never played this game, shame on you. If you have an NES and don't have it, go to your local video game store or pawn shop and get it. You should be able to get it very cheap, since umpteen million of these were made and distributed with NESs back in the day. If you don't have an NES, you're not beyond hope. Versions of this game exist for the SNES (All-Stars), GBC (SMB Deluxe), GBA (NES Classics: Super Mario Bros.) or GCN (unlockable in Animal Crossing). Let me abridge the entire review here. GET THIS GAME!
NESPower Play (Sep, 1988)
Ein absolutes Muß für alle NES-Freaks.
NESThe DOS Spirit (Feb 05, 2011)
Selv om grafikken idag ikke nødvendigvis har aldret seg bra, var det det aller, aller ypperste 1985 hadde å tilby. Vi husker godt tilbake til når vi første gang hoppet rundt med Mario og Luigi i soppland og kunne ikke annet enn å måpe. Alt...var så forseggjort! Vi hadde aldri sett maken. Trollbundet og forhekset, dette måtte vi ha mer av. Alle ungene i gata digget det vilt, og gleden ville ingen ende ta.
NESRetro Game Reviews (Sep 25, 2014)
Super Mario Bros. is a groundbreaking title that can still be enjoyed by gamers young and old. It’s influence on gaming history cannot be overstated and it certainly deserves all the praise it’s received over the years.
NESVideo Games (Mar, 1991)
Auch heute gehört der Ur-Super Mario noch zu den Nintendo-Modulen, die in keiner Sammlung fehlen sollten.
NESNintendo Land (2003)
Bowser kidnaps Peach for the first time and Mario must fight his way through 8 worlds each consisting of with 3 outdoor courses and a visit one of Bowser´s many castles where he must battle with old Bowser himself. SMB has sold in 40 million copies making it the most sold Mario game of all time! Now nearly 15 years after it´s release it´s still a game worth buying! The control in SMB isn´t as precise as in Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World or any of the newer Mario games but it´s still great. Beating the game is a pretty hard challenge and after that there is a second game mode where some of the enemies has been changed into harder one´s. A classic that should be in every NES gamers collection!
Game Boy AdvanceGame Informer Magazine (Jun, 2004)
Admit it. You played it. You loved it. It might have been that first game that made you realize what was coming in this little hobby of ours. This is a perfect port of the original Super Mario Bros. Every last mushroom and goomba is accounted for, and you’ll feel yourself slipping into a blissful recollection of your early days as a gamer. Just don’t expect anything revolutionary here. The closest thing to newness is the ability to link up with another GBA to play with a friend, but don’t worry. Two-player is still available on just one unit. If you’re looking for innovation, check out the excellent Deluxe version on Game Boy Color. But for purists, this is the cream of the crop in retro goodness. So, if you’re willing to drop the 20 gold coins for this one, enjoy your trip down memory lane.
WiiIGN (Mar 06, 2007)
Dozens if not hundreds of imitators have tried to improve or revolutionize the formula that Nintendo spawned back in 1985; some have failed, while others have come close. Even with the most successful of these attempts, coming back to play Super Mario Bros. is still just as much fun as ever, and truly makes you appreciate how games were designed in the past – and how they should always be made in the future. 500 Wii points is an absolute no-brainer. This adventure is an absolute must for any gamer’s Virtual Console collection.
Game Boy AdvanceGamePro (US) (Jun 04, 2004)
Wielding an unbridled imagination fueled by a childhood spent traipsing countryside hilltops and exploring hidden caves while nurturing a steady diet of puppet shows and Noh theater, Nintendo?s resident wonder-elf, Shigeru Miyamoto, crafted this benchmark game that sold bales upon bales of NES systems, and against which all subsequent platformers would be measured.
NESThe Games Machine (UK) (Dec, 1987)
To play this game is to get hooked. Simple to understand, it is therefore easy to play; no ploughing through bedsheet-sized instruction leaflets with this one. Nintendo's small-sized controller takes some getting used to, but perseverance reaps its own reward, because the graphics and sound are splendid, combining to make a game that is colourful, jolly and in places pleasantly frustrating as you try to work out the best route round a problem.
Game Boy AdvanceGameZone (Jun 15, 2004)
For those of you who remember these ending lyrics, I bet memories are rushing back from your childhood. For those of you who are wondering what this is from let me explain. Back when I got my NES, which came with Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt, I remember this TV show that came on called the Super Mario Brothers show. It was about Mario and Luigi and their adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. It was one of my favorite shows, especially Fridays which they had a special Zelda cartoon.
86 (Dec, 2008)
Super Mario Bros. is THE VIDEOGAME, and it does not require silly numbers or a silly reviewer. It is above that. It is THE VIDEOGAME. Period.
NESTotal! (Germany) (Jun, 1994)
Lange Zeit konnten nur NES-Besitzer die alten Mario-Games zocken (sehr zum Verdruß der SNES-Gemeinde). Erst 1993 erbarmte sich Nintendo und lies mit dem grandiosen „Super-Mario-All-Stars“ die alten Klassiker auch auf den 16-Bitter los. Doch ganz ehrlich: Das richtig urige „Super Mario Bros.“-Feeling kommt nur auf dem NES auf.
NESRandom Access (2005)
I praise this game, for it was indeed the very FIRST video game that I ever played. Thus, it holds a special place within my fragile gamer's psyche. Of course, its splendor has been ellipsed by other games that came later, but as a gaming community, we cannot easily forget the contribution that Super Mario Bros. delivered to the world of home video gaming. Yep.
NESNintendojo (1996)
A game that belongs in every gamer's collection. To gain a true sense of "gamer legitimacy," you must own this game and you must play it. If there were a class in college on video games, this would be a major part of the curriculum. While it does have a few flaws, this is one of those games that you just have to play and appreciate for what it is. Bottomline, this game is fun and fun is the most important thing in a video game.
NESneXGam (2002)
Super Mario Bros. ist ein echter Klassiker und wahrscheinlich auch ein Grund, warum sich das NES damals so gut verkauft hat. Ich zumindest hatte unglaublich viel Spaß mit diesem Titel, und habe es immer noch. Denn auch noch heute verführt mich der Titel manchmal zur einer langen Spielsession mit meinem Lieblingsklempter und jeder der ein Nes hat, sollte Super Mario Bros. besitzen.
WiiGameSpot (Jan 02, 2007)
Super Mario Bros. was the face that launched a million consoles back in the mid-'80s, and its amazingly memorable graphics and sound, along with its still-sharp gameplay, make it stand out among the rest of the Virtual Console releases. At a cost of five dollars, this is a great purchase if you're feeling nostalgic, but even if you're too young to remember the game's first release, you'll find that this is one of those rare classics whose gameplay is good enough to still be fun after all these years.
Game Boy Advance64 Power / big.N / N Games (Aug, 2004)
Der ganz große Klassiker! Wenn eines der NES Classics überhaupt sein Geld wert ist, dann ist es - neben Zelda – dieses Spiel. Praktisch die Geburtsstunde der heutigen 2D-Jump‘n‘Runs.
NESPower Unlimited (Oct, 1993)
Toen de NES al bijna niet meer werd verkocht bracht men nog even een grote hoeveelheid goedkopere spellen uit. Een conversie oudje als Mario Bros was daar een van. Hoewel het natuurlijk nogal gedateerd is, zou iedereen een museumstuk als dit moeten bezitten.
Game Boy Advance1UP (Jun 07, 2004)
At first glance, the release of a stand-alone version of Super Mario Bros. at twenty bucks -- nearly as much as the NES game went for at the time of its original release -- seems like an act of sheer greed. After all, Nintendo gave us the superlative Super Mario Bros. DX for GameBoy Color less than five years ago. That particular edition contained not only a great port of the original game but the Japanese sequel as well, along with some bonus features like hunting for Yoshi Eggs and red coins. The Famicom Mini version of SMB, on the other hand, is nothing but the original game. No bonus modes, no special unlockables, nothing.
Game Boy AdvanceIGN (Jun 04, 2004)
Super Mario Bros. is, and will always be a Nintendo staple. Even though the company's got dozens of successful franchises, the original Super Mario Bros. is the company's one true classic it can afford to recycle because the game holds up incredibly well more than eighteen years later. Even as standards evolve with system capabilities, the original Miyamoto platformer holds its own and still retains a lot of challenge and replay value.
NESMegablast (1992)
Drollige Gegner, schikanöse Fallen, versteckte Schätze, Bonusrunden, Warp-Zonen und nützliche Extras gibt‘s zwar bei vielen Jump & Runs, doch bei den Super-Brüdern wurde daraus ein wahres Festmahl für Geschicklichkeits-Fans: Die Steuerung ist vielseitig, der Schwierigkeitsgrad optimal abgestimmt, und das ausgetüftelte Spieldesign sorgt für schier endlose Motivation. Grafisch und soundmäßig kommen Mario und Luigi hier zwar nicht umwerfend, aber doch recht abwechslungsreich daher — mal geht es durch eine verlassene Burg, dann müssen sie wieder mit Fischen bzw. Quallen um die Wette schwimmen.
NESTilt (Dec, 1987)
Jeu d'action fort simple, Super Mario Bros se distingue du lot grâce à trois éléments : la simplicité, la richesse de l'univers dans lequel on évolue et la qualité de réalisation.
Wii (Jan 15, 2014)
So hat der heute weltbekannte Videospielheld „Super Mario“ also seine eigene Karriere begonnen. Es ist spannend zu sehen, wie viele abwechslungsreiche Elemente es ins Spiel geschafft haben – und auch bis heute noch in Spielen mit dem Klempner zu finden sind. Dafür hat das Lauf- und Hüpfverhalten sich über die Jahre derart geändert, dass man sich nach dem Nostalgie-Trip doch wieder den heutigen Hüpf-Spielchen zuwenden wird. Nichtsdestotrotz handelt es sich bei „Super Mario Bros.“ um eine Unterrichtsstunde im Fach Geschichte, die kein Nintendo-Fan geschwänzt haben sollte.
Nintendo 3DSWiiDSFrance (Sep 09, 2011)
Malgré le poids des années, Super Mario Bros. reste une référence en matière de jeux de plates-formes. Les 26 ans qui nous séparent de la date de sortie originale n'écorchent d'aucune manière la qualité intrinsèque du jeu, qui se révèle toujours aussi prenant une fois lancés. Les plus jeunes joueurs pourront bien évidemment être quelque peu désarçonnés face à des mécaniques de jeu un peu vieillottes et qui ne sont plus de coutumes aujourd'hui, mais ils passeront néanmoins un excellent moment vidéoludique. Un immanquable, surtout s'il est proposé gratuitement comme ici ! Foncez !
Game Boy AdvanceGamePlasma (Jul 26, 2004)
The year is 1985. Worries about the U.S. console market plagued the industry after Atari’s system failed miserably. Fear not, however, because one heroic plumber named Mario and a company called Nintendo was about to change the way we gamed forever. With the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System North America, gamers across the country could play arcade quality games at home on their Televisions. Its launch title, Super Mario Bros. became an instant classic, a system seller, and the series has since become the largest game franchise in history spawning countless sequels and branches in the series.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpot (Jun 08, 2004)
The classic platformer holds up pretty well after all this time, though some minor technical issues prevent this reissue from being as super as the original game.
Game Boy (Jul 12, 2004)
Ne décelez pas dans cette note un soupçon d'injustice. Si le premier opus de Zelda offre encore aujourd'hui une quête immense et passionnante, le plaisir de jouer à Super Mario Bros est certes peut-être aussi grand mais beaucoup plus éphémère. En même temps, Nintendo pouvait difficilement choisir un autre jeu pour inaugurer la gamme Nes Classics.
SUPER MARIO BROS. ist ein richtig simples Hüpf- und Kletterspiel, das durch seine viele Arten von Figuren doch irgendwie interessant ist. So einfach der Spielablauf auch ist, das Spiel kann riesig Spaß machen. Vielleicht auch gerade, weil es so unkompliziert ist. Wer solche Spiele mag, kann es bedenkenlos kaufen. Viel Spaß ist garantiert!
40 (GAF) (Apr 21, 2003)
When it finally comes down to it, though, Super Mario Brothers is nothing more than a below average platformer. There’s nothing there that hasn’t been done again by now, and better. Play it for nostalgia. Play it to satisfy sadistic urgings to kill Mushroom People turned goomba. Play it for the blatant drug references. Play it because you’re on drugs. Play it because the community’s peer pressure to enjoy it is overwhelming. Play it because it’s a classic. For God’s sake, don’t play it because it’s a good game.