Super Mario Bros. Screenshots

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Arcade version

Title screen
Page two of the tutorial.

Game Boy Advance version

Title Screen
First world
Game starts
Secret room
Level completed
Underground level
Koopa troopa
Moving platform
Pretty hard jumping moment
Life lost

NES version

Title screen
Starting a new game
Hidden areas contain goodies.
Slide down the flagpole to complete the level.
Some worlds are underground.
Sometimes you can just avoid the trouble.
Mario slips down a pipe; a piranha plant slips out of another.
A hidden warp zone
Fiery Mario tosses a few fireballs.
Invincible Mario discovers a beanstalk...
...leading to coins in the sky.
Swimming with cheep-cheeps and a blooper
Cheep-cheeps can be found jumping through the air, too.
Some levels take place at night.
The dangerous Hamer Bros.
Kicking a shell is a good way to clear the path.
Way off the ground
Jumping over the Flagpole in 3-3. Practise makes Perfect!
Every fourth level is in a castle.
Get used to seeing this.
Lakitu tossing spinies
Very short scenes connect the levels.
Classic mushroom look
Bullet Bills and buzzy beetle? Mario's days are numbered.
Also starring Player 2 as Luigi.
Hello! I'm here!
Angry plant