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Super Mario Kart

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Wii U

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Who could help but love this game? SNES DudeOfMonson (106)
This game is all about fun... SNES tbuteler (3025)
Classic,truly classic! SNES Big C (49)

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Platform Votes Score
SNES 103 4.0
Wii 7 4.4
Wii U 3 4.8
Combined User Score 113 4.1

Critic Reviews

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Premier d’une longue série éternelle, Super Mario Kart est excellent, voire parfait. Un fun incontestable, une durée de vie proche de l’infini, plein de personnages, de circuits, de modes, d’objets, on en voudrait toujours plus mais chapeau à Shigeru Miyamoto et son équipe qui nous offre un jeu mythique et lançant un nouveau genre.
SNESVideo Game Den
It's easy to get carried away when taking about Super Mario Kart - the flawless controls, the unique and addictive gameplay, the charismatic graphics, the upbeat soundtrack etc... They all contribute to the game's greatness. Like in most of Nintendo games, Super Mario Kart starts off with a simple formula but soon, you get pleasantly surprised and delighted by all the clever gameplay features that become apparent as you scratch the surface. A definite masterpiece and a timeless classic.
SNESTotal! (Germany)
Insgesamt einer der ganz großen Klassiker unter dem Super Nintendo-Spielen – solltet Ihr's noch nicht haben, schlagt unbedingt demnächst zu.
SNESGamePro (US)
Maybe you were wondering just how many ways Nintendo could squeeze a good time out of the Mario world. Here's one way that's a winner. Super Mario Kart makes wheel-spinning, bumper-grinding motor racing actually cute! the little guys definitely have a lot of drive.
SNESThe Video Game Critic
Not only is this one of the best SNES games ever, but it single-handedly created an entire new genre of video games! Instead of aiming for realism, Super Mario Kart strips racing down to its essense with simple yet fun go-cart action.
Chock full of great visuals, awesome sound, tight play control, amazing track design, items galore and a multi-player mode that’s hard to beat, Super Mario Kart is my favorite game of all time. It’s also one of the main reasons to own a Super Nintendo.
SNESThunderbolt Games
Ah the Super Nintendo… Home to so many of my all time favorite games such as Final Fantasy II and III, Secret of Mana, Super Mario World and F-Zero. But, there has always been one game that I think of when reminiscing about the good ‘ole SNES: Super Mario Kart. Though on the outside appearing to be a kiddie go-kart racing game, Mario Kart has some of the deepest, most addictive gameplay to be found on the SNES console. You’d never think that taking classic Nintendo characters such as Donkey Kong, Mario, Bowser and Toad, placing them into high-speed karts and racing them through various Nintendo-themed environments would be result in hundreds of hours of gameplay enjoyment, but it does.
SNESNintendo Land
What does Mario and his friends and enemies do on their sparetime? They race around in gokarts shooting koopa shells at each other! ...and that´s what tis fab game is all about. Super Mario Kart is pure fun to play and got a last-ability never seen in a game before, I was still playing it, 2 whole years after I first got it! That´s why I give it 98%! If you going to own just one SNESgame then this is the one!
Nintendo consiguió una vez demostrar que la magia de los juegos no reside en espectaculares apartados gráficos, o en jugosas licencias, y que una jugabilidad y control inteligentes pueden generara auténticas obras de arte.
SNESPower Unlimited
Super Mario Kart is een van de leukste spellen die voor de Super Nintendo zijn gemaakt, vooral als je het met twee spelers speelt. Het duurt wel erg lang voordat je een beetje aan het spel gewend bent, omdat de besturing aanvankelijk erg moeilijk is.
Super Mario Kart is a classic concoction of pure racing goodness that stands up to the test of time today. This title has inspired innumerous kart clones, spin-offs, and sequels due to its sheer quality of game mechanics and infinite replay value.
SNESGameFan Magazine
This has to be the best two player game for the SNES yet. Three speeds of racing, 15 different tracks, and 8 custom drivers deliver an action packed racing game. On the split screen, mode 7 is even faster than ever. It's a race through Marioland with some of the best sights and sounds a game has to offer.
SNESSuper Play (UK)
There's the inventiveness of the courses - particularly the lovely 'haunted house' track and the hilarious sandy lagoon. Then there are the assorted Mario-style weapons and collectables that litter the tracks - things like fireable Koopa-shells and droppable banana-skins. And that's not to mention the added, extra fun of the bizarre cat-and-mouse alternative game, where two players drive frantically around a maze, trying to burst the three balloons attached to all their karts. The great thing about Super Mario Kart, though, is that not only does it work as a Mario game - the quality of the animation and so on is way good enough - but as a straight racing game, too. The tight corners of these go-kart size tracks mean there's something going on every second, while the short lengths of the races, high speed, and great variety, keep the interest high.
SNESNintendo Magazine System UK
A superb piece of software which is let down only by its lack of one-player lasting appeal - solo players be warned. But for those with plenty of friends, this is an unmissable game.
SNESVideo Games
Auch wenn‘s schlechtgelaunte Mega-Drive-Besitzer ärgert: Spaßiger und besser als “Super Mario Kart“ geht‘s kaum. Ob zu zweit im Grand Prix oder alleine gegen die computergesteuerte Nintendo-Prominenz, die Motivation auf der Jagd nach Bestzeiten kennt kein Ende - wobei der innovativste Knüller das Rennen gegen den Bestzeit-Geisterfahrer ist. Unmengen an Einstellmöglichkeiten und Goodies sorgen für in Rennspielen bisher unerreichte Abwechslung. Jeder der acht Fahrer hat Macken und Vorzüge und überrascht immer wieder mit ungeahnten Eigenschaften. Wer keine Aversion gegen Mario und Kumpanen hegt, wird am ultimativen Rennspaß “Super Mario Kart“ nicht vorbeisteuern können.
As it stands, it is totally addictive for a while but the one-player game's easily completed. Hours of endless fun for two though. A great title that I just can't skip playing!
Premier jeu du genre de la saga Mario, SMK est aussi le premier jeu de courses de l'histoire du jeu vidéo qui défie toutes les conventions de la course automobile. En fait, il ne respecte rien, le sérieux des simulations disparaissant au profit d'un fun absolu qui est le point fort essentiel d'un jeu terriblement prenant et technique. Nintendo réalise vraiment un grand coup avec ce soft alliant les aspects délirants de la série des Mario et les éléments d'une course de karting. Bon nombre de jeux tenteront de s'en inspirer (notamment les Mario Kart qui suivront) mais aucun n'atteindra l'incroyable niveau de folie que SMK a fixé en cette remarquable année 1992…
Man weiß gar nicht so recht, wo man hier am besten mit dem Loben anfängt, denn die Programmierer haben sich praktisch keine Schwäche geleistet. Die 3D-Grafik ist putzig gezeichnet und durch den ins Modul eingebauten Mathe-Chip auch verteufelt schnell; Soundbegleitung und Steuerung können ebenfalls entzücken. Tja, und vor allem spielerisch stimmt halt absolut alles: Die verschiedenen Eigenschaften der Fahrer ergeben in der Kombination mit den diversen Spielmodi eine schier endlos motivierende Mischung! Daher werden selbst Leute von der Anti-Mario-Fraktion zugeben müssen, daß es sich besser höchstens auf den real existierenden Grand Prix-Kursen rasen läßt...
WiiNintendo Life
Super Mario Kart has certainly made its mark on gaming history, spawning several sequels on successive Nintendo consoles, not to mention many imitators. To play it today is every bit as enjoyable as it ever was; sure the graphics and sound may have dated, but the core gameplay is still top notch. This is one hell of a fun racing game with enough playability to keep you coming back for more. It’s amazing that Nintendo chose to wait three years before treating us to this seminal game on the Virtual Console, but we’re glad they finally saw sense!
SNESRetrogaming History
Super Mario Kart è indubbiamente un capolavoro e una pietra miliare della storia dei videogiochi. A mio giudizio i capitoli successivi della serie mai raggiungeranno la giocabilità del primo, unico ed inimitabile, risultando solamente quasi solo delle rivisitazioni grafiche. Se volete giocare ad un Mario Kart rivolgetevi a IL Mario Kart ovvero quello per il Super Nintendo, non ve ne pentirete.
Finally, the first Super Mario Kart is the one game in the series to feature truly unique victory celebrations for each different character. That may seem like less of an important observation than the others, but it's not. Seeing Toad pop a giant floating Cheep Cheep like a balloon with the cork shooting out of a bottle of champagne, and then watching a giant vine nonsensically grow out of the end of the bottle is the greatest visual image the series has ever had.
Premier jeu du genre de la saga Mario, SMK est aussi le premier jeu de courses de l’histoire du jeu vidéo qui défie toutes les conventions de la course automobile. En fait, il ne respecte rien, le sérieux des simulations disparaissant au profit d’un fun absolu qui est le point fort essentiel d’un jeu terriblement prenant et technique. Nintendo réalise vraiment un grand coup avec ce soft alliant les aspects délirants de la série des Mario et les éléments d’une course de karting. Bon nombre de jeux tenteront de s’en inspirer (notamment les Mario Kart qui suivront) mais aucun n’atteindra l’incroyable niveau de folie que SMK a fixé en cette remarquable année 1992…
SNESPower Play
Jetzt ist es endgültig passiert: Meine Freundin muß ausziehen und das Super Nintendo darf mit ins Bett. Ob alleine, zu zweit oder in fröhlicher Runde, Super Mariokart ist das pure Modulvergnügen und ein absolutes Muß für alle Videospieler. Ich habe noch nie ein so abwechslungsreiches, witziges, dynamisches und dabei spannendes Rennspiel erlebt. Alleine der Duellmodus hat schon ein Extraprädikat verdient, denn die Mischung aus Schadenfreude und Geschicklichkeits-Parcours ist unwiderstehlich. Mein Rat - den Hubraumspaß unbedingt besorgen!
SNESDigital Press - Classic Video Games
This is certainly a game you can come back to, and you can just pop it in and play with anybody. There are lots of ways to handicap players, so there's seldom a mismatch. The graphics are cartoony, reminiscent of Super Mario World, but they're colorful and well animated, and the background tunes are fun to listen to. I couldn't ask for much more! Well, I could, but I'm going to go a few laps against that turtle with the long tongue instead.
It's the cuddly characters, and split-screen gameplay that make this a winner. If you haven't played it yet, what are you waiting for - a green light? Fantastic!
I don't care how much this costs, this is a game you shouldn't be without.
SNESGame Freaks 365
The sound is decent for the time also. You can hear things, such as the vroom of the kart you are driving or the slip of your tires on a banana peel. I found Super Mario Kart for the SNES a pleasure to play, especially for kids. It is cute and fun at the same time! I recommend that you pick this up at your local electronic store's "used" section today!
SNESDefunct Games
All it takes is one heated two-player battle for first place to make you forget all about these limitations. That's one of the reasons Mario Kart remains a sales juggernaut for Nintendo. Each level is dripping with so much charm that it's impossible not to fall in love with the game. But after that sugar high wears off, it's clear to see that Super Mario Kart is a fairly average racing game with one hell of a paint job.
SNESTotal!! UK Magazine
A highly original racing collect 'em up with addictive gameplay and a fab two-player mode. Worth a look whether you're a racing fan or not.
Wii UWiiDSFrance
Super Mario Kart fait partie de ces titres où le fantasme nostalgique est clairement supérieur au véritable jeu. Il est difficile de se relancer dedans de nos jours tant le tout a mal vieilli : les premiers instants piquent les yeux, la jouabilité demande un gros temps d’adaptation, les courses sont en faible nombre et l’ordinateur triche. Mieux vaux attendre la version N64 ou la probable version GBA, voire encore mieux : se lancer dans le très attendu Mario Kart 8.