Super Meat Boy Screenshots

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Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Here you can choose which level you want to play.
The game starts pretty lively
Got an A+ rank for fast level completion
That's a portal to a warp zone up ahead
8-bit version of The Forest
Ooops, I didn't make that jump
Balancing on disappearing blocks in an attempt to get that bonus bandage
Sucked into a warp zone (red warps are for unlocking optional characters)
Beat three consecutive stages in this primitive (but cute) visual style and you unlock Commander Video from Bit.Trip series
The boss of The Forest world
After finishing a stage you can watch all your failed attempts at it simultaneously
Fans such as this can propel you to your goal or to your doom
Climbing the wall with headcrab from Half-Life
Super Meat World features additional levels and chapters
The wall quickly disappears and the room gets filled with laser beams. Also good luck figuring out how to obtain that bandage
Another boss fight
Salt factory. And you can't touch the salt
Looks intimidating, but it's the easier of two versions of this level
Start thinking with portals
Ready to avoid auto-targeting laser guns?
The fastest and most annoying enemies in the game
Yet another boss
Dr. Fetus has this little gesture for you when you switch between Light/Dark worlds
Dark world version of one of the first levels
8-bit skyscrapper
Welcome to the glitch level
Beautiful minimalism
Character select screen
GameBoy-style color scheme
These light circles push you away, and they're very tricky to use properly
Welcome to the nightmare (this warp unlocks The Kid from I Wanna Be The Guy)
In World five you're sometimes chased by angry pieces of meat
Pixelated sun looks beautiful
Introducing arguably the hardest stage in the whole game
Some walls can only be broken with homing missiles
The upset heads will chase you
Worm boss fight
In the seventh chapter you play as Bandage Girl
This is the first stage of the 7th world, obviously it's intended for seasoned players
Dark world versions of familiar levels will confuse you in multiple ways
Naija from Aquaria can't jump, but utilizes a weird upward glide mechanic
(MINOR SPOILER!) There are usually several warp zones in each world
Going gets tough
Jill from Mighty Jill Off can glide
Flywrench from Flywrench. It is capable of limited flying, and is useful for getting some bandages
Captain Viridian from VVVVVV
Steve from Minecraft doesn't care about level architecture
Compete character roster (except for Tofu Boy who doesn't appear in the menus)