Super Monaco GP Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Main menu
Select Transmission
Ready to drive
Turning right
You qualified
Ready to race
Close at another car
Game Over
High Scores
You did not Qualify

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
I'm glad she hasn't got blue skin like on the Spectrum
Engine specifications
Choose your steering
Choose transmission
Ready for qualification run
The go-ahead lights are green
A difficult curve
Too difficult! I give up!

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Transmission Select.
Let's go.
Taking a bend.
Keep going.
Crossing the line.
Start of the race.
Overtaking at the start.
Car behind you.
Trying to stop him over-taking.
Entering the tunnel.
In the tunnel.

Atari ST version

Would motor racing be complete without grid girls?
Main menu
Automatic for the people
Ready to go
Reached a checkpoint
A narrower lime
I guess the pole-setter got first choice of grid girl
High scores
Qualified this time
Why does it always rain on me?
On the grid
A bit close to that Leyton House car
They're so unreliable with all those electronics on board

Commodore 64 version

I feel welcomed.
Make adjustments
Beginning of qualifying
Results of the qualifying
About to overtake an opponent

Game Gear version

Title screen
Free practice mode
Some construction ahead...
Grand prix mode
I just want to pick some mushrooms...
Nice city ahead
Sega, Sega!
Weird constructions
City and harbor
Strange signs
The nature of England
Getting warm...

Genesis version

Title Screen 1
Title Screen 2
Starting at the back of the pack.
Rounding a Corner
My Wheel Fell Off
Light at the end of the tunnel
Driver's point rankings
Engine Specifications
Your first team
Rival Info
Rival selection screen
Team gives you advice

SEGA Master System version

Intro screen
Title screen
Name entry
Vs. battle setup
Machine settings
Vs. battle run
G.P. setup
Grand prix on the Monaco course

ZX Spectrum version

Ready to go
Loading screen
You can't really make a good-looking girl in 8 colours
Control selection
The standard range of transmissions
Multi-load sequnce