Super Pitfall Screenshots

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NES version

Title screen/main menu
Player 1 ready
You have climbing, swimming and swinging.
Enemies everywhere.
Game Over
Title screen/main menu (Japanese version)

PC-88 version

Title screen
A rather picturesque starting area
One of many helpful items hidden within the labyrinth
The PC version lets you shoot while crouching!
Many items are invisible until you touch the correct spot in the room
These balls are very important...
...because they're actually keys!
A hidden weapon upgrade
You can also find additional ammo
Collect as much gold as you can! You'll need it...
Fighting a boss
How does this shop stay in business? Do the enemies shop here too?
Swimming around
Precarious jumps over lava
Wouldn't be Pitfall without swinging vines!

TRS-80 CoCo version

Startup - select your monitor type
Credits and main options
Player options - you can also use keyboard
Starting the game - how many men you have left
Game play at the start of the game