Advertising Blurbs - Wii Virtual Console:
    Choose from an all-star cast of Nintendo characters in a frantic melee to prove who will be the ultimate brawler. Utilize the easy to learn, but hard to master controls to battle it out in the single-player mode, earning point bonuses and unlocking hidden characters along the way, or enter VS Mode to take on up to three other players simultaneously. Inflict damage using each character's unique set of special moves or familiar items and power-ups, eventually winning by knocking your opponents off the screen in one of the interactive stages, each with a Nintendo theme. Need a moment to catch your breath? Polish your skills in Training Mode or destroy targets in Bonus Stages specific to each character. Are you ready to test your mettle against all comers, including the powerful Master Hand?

    Virtual Console™

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    Contributed by Michael Cassidy (20702) on Jul 07, 2015.
    The first Super Smash Bros. game introduced us to an exciting genre of fighting games. Pikachu, Mewtwo, and others proudly represented Pokémon in this classic N64 title.

    It's not exclusively a Pokémon game, but Super Smash Bros. still counts some of the most popular Pokémon of all time among its roster of famous video game characters. Fighting alongside video game stalwarts such as Mario™ and Donkey Kong™, the small but fierce Pikachu unleashes powerful Electric-type attacks to send its opponents flying.

    Pikachu won't be the lone Pokémon in the fight, though. Hidden within the game is the cute Jigglypuff, whose soothing melody can lull opponents to sleep. Jigglypuff isn't available right away—players have to perform special tasks before the pink Pokémon will be available.

    In addition to Pikachu and Jigglypuff, several Kanto locales are featured as stages, including Saffron City, one of the major hubs in the Kanto region.

    Contributed by Michael Cassidy (20702) on Jul 05, 2015.

Back of Box - N64 (Europe):

    The Ultimate Showdown!

    Here it is! The biggest, baddest brawlin' bash starring all your favourite Nintendo characters!
    • High kicking fun for up to 4 players!
    • Stacks of great moves!
    • 8 different arenas, 14 stages, 8 different modes!

    Die Nintendo-Schlagparade!

    Hier ist der abgefahrene Prügel-Spaß mit den Superstars des Nintendo-Universums: Mario, Yoshi, Kirby, Pikcachu und viele mehr!
    • Action-Spaß für bis zu 4 Spieler!
    • Unzählige charaktertypische Spezial-Attacken!
    • Mit deutschem Bildschirmtext!

    Ca castagne dan tous les sens!

    Qui c'est l'plus fort entre Mairo et Link? Voici l'occasion d'y répondre! Les stars de Nintendo s'affrontent!
    • Une action débordante pour 1, 2, 3 ou 4 joueurs!
    • Plein d'attaques spéciales!
    • 8 modes de jeu, 14 niveaux, 8 arènes de combat!

    De definitieve ronde!

    Dit is 'em! De grootste en wildste knokparij met al je favoriete Nintendo-characters!
    • Actie met een twist voor tot 4 spelers!
    • Talloze special moves voor elk character!
    • 8 Verschillende arena's, 14 levels en 8 spelstanden!

    ¡Únete al enfrentamiento definitivo!

    La más divertida lucha entre todas las estrellas de Nintendo. ¡Mario, Yoshi y muchos más compiten en combates super divertidos!
    • ¡Acción y diversión para 1 - 4 jugadores!
    • ¡Ataques característicos de cada personaje!
    • 8 escenarios, 14 fases y 8 modos de juego.

    Tuffati nel divertimento estremo!

    Ecco per te i tuoi personaggi preferiti dell'universo Nintendo in questo strepitoso gioco! Mario, Yoshi e molti altri si affronteranno in lotte esilaranti!
    • Divertimento anche per 4 giocatori!
    • Attacchi speciali per ogni personaggio!
    • 8 diversi scenario, 14 livelli, 8 modalità di gioco!

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4675) on Jun 11, 2007.

    It's a four-player smash fest filled with Nintendo's biggest stars! Pick your favorite character, and let the pummeling commence!

    Can Link beat up Mario? Can Yoshi deck Donkey Kong? Can Kirby punch out Pikachu? These and other age-old questions can finally be answered, because the first-ever tournament fighter boasting an all-star cast of Nintendo heroes (and one heroine) has hit store shelves with the impact of a Fox McCloud roundhouse.

    Crossing multiple universes and alternate dimensions, the most popular of Nintendo's characters grace this bare-knuckle Pak. The 12 superstars are Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox McCloud, Jigglypuff, Ness, Captain Falcon and Pikachu.

    This awesome lineup answers long-debated questions of the characters' comparative strengths, and the idea of a battle between Donkey Kong and Pikachu is downright hilarious. Each character has a specific 3D fighting arena, with power-ups and obstacles scattered throughout the areas. Two to four players can fight simultaneously on the same screen, or one player can battle through the tournament ladder to reach a secret boss at the summit.

    The goal is to knock your opponent out of the playing field as many times as possible within a specified time limit. If you dominate the competition, you can kick them so hard they fly into the sky and turn into a constellation. Link hacks away with his Master Sword, Yoshi slurps up enemies and turns them into eggs, and Fox McCloud is strapped with his trusty Blaster. If you get into trouble, any character can take advantage of classic special attack items like Fire Flowers and Bob-ombs.

    Super Smash Bros. is extremely easy to learn, but to become a true master takes many hours of practice. Subtle technique can mean the difference between victory and defeat, and each character has unique strengths and weaknesses to learn and put to use.

    Super Smash Bros. is full of surprises, like Pikachu's level where random Pokémon are always popping up. It's strange to see two good guys like Mario and Fox McCloud butting heads, but don't worry. When the battle is over you'll discover that all of the characters are actually good friends.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Aug 18, 2005.

Press Release:
    WHO IS NINTENDO’S TOUGHEST VIDEO GAME CHARACTER? It’s "Smashing Time" As Super Smash Bros.’ Comes To Town On April 26

    REDMOND, Wash., April 26, 1999 – Mario bashing Yoshi? Pikachu body-slamming Link? Donkey Kong pummeling Samus? The battle to end all battles is here! Eight Nintendo superstars get "down and dirty" in N64’s newest game, Super Smash Bros., where players decide who is the world’s toughest video game character. Each of Super Smash Bros. superstars, including Mario, Kirby, Yoshi, Link from The Legend of Zelda, Samus Aran from Metroid, Donkey Kong, Fox McCloud and Pikachu, duke it out for the video game championship. Super Smash Bros. is now available for a suggested retail price of $59.95.

    "Nintendo 64 owners get to pit all their favorite characters against one another," says Peter Main, Nintendo’s executive vice president, sales and marketing. "The combination of action, familiar faces, and a fantastic multi-player mode will make Super Smash Bros. a guaranteed hit." Players can compete against the computer to defeat the hidden boss in "tournament mode" or invite friends over for an all-out four-player "battle royal." There also is the option to go two-on-two in the game’s awesome multi-player mode.

    The game’s 3-D battle arenas reflect each character’s homeworld. In Pikachu’s level, Pokémon randomly pop up out of nowhere; and Link’s arena takes place near Castle Hyrule, where powerful tornadoes make for hair-raising action.

    In addition to the arenas, each of the game’s heroes have individual weapons and special attacks. Fox McCloud challenges his enemy with a trusty laser blaster; Link carries the Master Sword and Donkey Kong uses his legendary strength. There also are plenty of hidden items and power-ups available to all of the characters including Fire Flowers, Red Shells and the Home Run Bat.

    The game is easy to learn and players can instantly immerse themselves in the graphic splendor and fast game play. Super Smash Bros. is compatible with Nintendo’s Rumble Pak’, which enables players to "feel" every punch, kick and special attack. A variety of difficulty modes and a training session allow anyone to pick up a controller and jump right into the action.

    Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, is the acknowledged worldwide leader in the creation of interactive entertainment. To date, Nintendo has sold more than one billion video games worldwide, has created such industry icons as Mario and Donkey Kong and launched franchises like The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon. Nintendo manufactures and markets hardware and software for its popular home video game systems, including the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy – the world’s best-selling video game system. As a wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc., based in Redmond, Wash., serves as headquarters for Nintendo's operations in North America.

    For more information about Super Smash Bros., or any other Nintendo product, visit Nintendo’s web site on the Internet,

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Back Cover:
    It's a Bumpin', Bruisin', Brawlin' Bash!

    The many worlds of Nintendo collide in the ultimate showdown of strength and skill! Up to 4 players can choose their favorite characters -- complete with signature attacks -- and go at it in Team Battles and Free-for-Alls. Or venture out on your own to conquer the 14 stages in single-player mode. Either way, Super Smash Bros. is a no-holds-barred action-fest that will keep you coming back for more!

    Plunge headlong into battle with your favorite Nintendo characters: Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, and 4 hidden characters!

    Characters use their very own trademark attacks, such as Mario's fireballs and Link's sword.

    Grab a Fire Flower or Poké Ball and send your opponent sailing out of the arena.

    Compete in 8 different settings, each from a character's home world, and each with its own dangers.

    Contributed by J. Michael Bottorff (1788) on Feb 08, 2002.