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Super Spike V'Ball

Super Spike V'Ball Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen (American version)
Title screen (Japanese version)
The Japanese release features an opening cut-scene that was removed in the US version
Instead the American version extends the multiplayer support to up to four players
Serving in the first match (American version)
2nd match, on to New York City
Jump serve in New York
Serving in Los Angeles (American version)
Match in Hawaii
Serving in the first match (Japanese version), notice the different icon above the player's head compared to the American release
Opponent about to serve in Daytona
Final score in New York
We won!
In the Japanese version between matches the main characters go buy cars
Opponent serving in Los Angeles
Whap!... that had to hurt

Super Spike V'Ball Screenshots

NES version

Title screen (Japanese version.)
Main menu
Choosing your character
State select
Beautiful background with yachts...
Starting a world cup
World cup game
Ready to attack!
American Circuit
The referee is cute
Celebrating the victory... kinda embarrassing!

Super Spike V'Ball Screenshots

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Title screen 2, much more appealing wouldn't you say?
Fame and fortune awaits YOU!!
YATS: Yet another title screen
First match in Daytona Beach
ZAP! Opponent spiking the ball
Managed to save that one
Between matches, intermission sequences depict the main characters visiting a car dealership to purchase a vehicle
Second match in New York, note the weird blue dude in the crowd
Mmmm Good Moning Bug Light...
Third match is in Los Angeles, note the Sharp X68000 on the a-board
Yay, we won!
As the player progresses, the cars increase in quality
Hawaii has some sumo wrestlers in the crowd
Well don't just stand around, get that ball!
Stage clear score
Minor League Circuit completed and all we got is these 3 ugly girls, hopefully Major Circuit has prettier chicks
3rd match on the Major Circuit
PWUBOOM! Super Spike blasting away not one but both opponents
No more used cars for us, here comes a brand new Ferrari Testarossa
Final match takes place on a Aircraft Carrier
Band is playing and I'm serving
U.S. Navy team serving