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Commodore 64 6 3.3
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Combined User Score 17 3.1

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NESRaze (Jan, 1991)
Super Sprint couldn't fail to impress because of three reasons: its speed, the competitive edge which leads to some serious late night joypad bashing, and the opportunity for some mindless brutality. What more could be asked from any game?
The transition from arcade machine to ST has been highly successful. The graphics, sound and sheer playability are superb. With up to three players and a drone, the action is fast and furious. Add its great addictiveness, and the game retains its high rating.
Super Sprint has lost none of its playability in conversion to the C64. There are only three cars in the race this time and that means only one computer car if there are two players; but competition is still as hot as on the Speccy. Graphics and sound have been improved though the tracks now load in two sets of four, but this is only a minor irritation and doesn't affect the addictiveness.
What pulls the game through so well is its remarkably addictive gameplay, the challenge of new tracks and the excitement of tuning your car to perfection.
Commodore 64Computer and Video Games (CVG) (Nov, 1987)
So far the C64 version is the ultimate conversion. But I've had a sneak peak at the Atari ST version which looks even nicer. We've yet to have a look at the Amstrad game at time of going to press.
A bit of a disappointment really, with little annoyances marring the game's playability. Collision detection is badly off in places, and the 'feel' of the other two versions isn't really there. Still a good racing game, but not a great one.
ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
Like the previous titles, the viewpoint is from an overhead perspective, but this game has ramps and colorful, more detailed graphics, and the cars can be upgraded (super traction, higher top speed, and turbo acceleration) by driving over wrenches that appear in the roadway. Despite (or because of) its retro-leanings (Out Run was released the same year), Super Sprint is super fun and highly competitive, especially when played by two or three players.
Looks overrated these days unless you're heavily into the two-player option. Still addictive, but lacked the depth to last long.
Atari STST Action (Jun, 1988)
Super Sprint is a genuine fun game, allowing up to three players to compete simultaneously. The game's graphics are well drawn although a little basic; the sound effects, too, are a little simple. But with the tremendous playability these minor points are negligible. Super Sprint is the finest game of its type, I loved it!
Atari STPower Play (Dec, 1987)
Man muß schon dreimal auf den Bildschirm gucken. will man die ST-Version von Super Sprint vom Automaten-Original unterscheiden. Bis ins kleinste Detail wurde die Automaten-Grafik reproduziert, obwohl der Atari ST geringere Auflösung und weniger Farben hat. Der Sound ist nicht schlecht: Das Motorenheulen hätte man zwar schöner hinkriegen können, aber eine fetzige Musik tröstet über andere kleine Mangel hinweg. Am meisten Spaß macht Super Sprint immer noch zu dritt: Auch mit der Tastatur kann man gut spielen, wenn auch die Joystick-Steuerung etwas angenehmer ist. Auf Dauer wird das Im-Kreis-Fahren etwas langweilig, aber gemeinsam mit zwei Freunden macht Super Sprint dank bester technischer Qualität auch langfristig viel Spaß.
ZX SpectrumComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Nov, 1987)
It will help you if you've played the coin-op - and may be Super Sprint addicts will get more out of this offering, than the rest of you. But despite the initial frustration I still came back for more and eventually got to grips with the game.
Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Mar, 1988)
Super Sprint is such a simple game that the quality of ST graphics don't make it a much better game than any other version. Sure, it does look better - but the game never really majored on graphics anyway. Fans of the coin-op will welcome this competent conversion to the ST library.
Commodore 64Commodore User (Nov, 1987)
Whether you like it or not will depend on how quickly you can master control of your car. A lot of patience and a responsive joystick will help enormously and, not least, a friend to play with it.
Commodore 64Happy Computer (Oct, 1987)
Sind wir doch mal ganz ehrlich: Das Spielprinzip von Super Sprint ist nicht das intelligenteste. Immer geht es im Kreis herum, zur Auflockerung gibt es noch ein paar Extras. Spielt man alleine, ist das Ganze ein auf Dauer langweiliger Geschicklichkeits-Test. Wenn aber zwei oder gar drei (ST-Version) Personen gegeneinander fahren, macht auch ein einfaches Spiel wie Super Sprint einen Heidenspaß.
It’s a fun, quick, arcade-style racing experience, but the lack of features and repeating courses (there’s only seven) keep this one from wanting to be played for more than a short time.
50 (Sep, 2013)
Once you make it through the seven tracks, they’ll repeat until you get bored with twisting a little car in circles. Obnoxious difficulty leap aside, Super Sprint is the definition of average, and is worthy of approximately 8-13 minutes of your time, depending on your affection for mustard yellow and loop-de-loops
NESThe Video Game Critic (Feb 23, 2010)
So what's not to like? Well, although you'd expect this to be a kick-ass four-player game, it only supports two players. As a one-player game Super Sprint lacks challenge, and I got really tired of lapping my brain-dead CPU opponents. The courses feature a few scattered trees, but more imaginative scenery would have been nice. The background music is kind of goofy and repetitive. Super Sprint is one of those games that looks like pure fun but fails to deliver on its promise.