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Neo GeoRaze (Oct, 1991)
This is undoubtedly one of the more challenging Neo-Geo games, even with its infinite continues. Some Neo-Geo games can be completed in 20 minutes, but The Super Spy will need at least two hours non-stop play (that's VERY big for a beat-'em-up). If you love nothing better than excessive violence, then The Super Spy is just the ticket (although try to limit yourself to ten continues - just for the hell of it).
Neo Geo1UP! (Mar 05, 2004)
Alors qu'on aurait pu penser que ses capacités techniques préserveraient la Neo Geo d'un vieillissement prématuré, c'est exactement le contraire qui s'est passé. The Super Spy est un jeu de plus qui a terriblement mal vieilli, écrasé qu'il est sous 10 ans de FPS de Doom à Halo en passant par Perfect Dark, ce n'est plus qu'une curiosité.
Neo GeoThe Video Game Critic (Feb 21, 2004)
Judging by the sheer size of these characters, it's evident that no other console of the early-90's could have handled a game like this. Dodging and blocking allow you to avoid attacks and set up for counters. When you have ammo (always in short supply), shooting enemies is terrific fun, and you can explode barrels, rupture pipes, and break windows in the process. You'll also encounter friendly scientists who offer info, weapons, or health. Unfortunately, Super Spy is largely a one-trick pony with no scoring and unlimited continues, and the action gets awfully repetitious. It's quite original and worth playing thru once, but after that you probably won't want to look at it again for a long time.
magine you're back in 1992 and for Christmas, you've opened up a brand new Neo Geo Gold console. Your excitement builds as you look to see what games you've been lucky enough to get. You rip apart the wrapping paper to reveal "Super Spy," and it looks to be revolutionary for it's time due to the first person perspective. You get the console up and running and pop in the cart only to realize you've got a $200 game......that doubles as a doorstop.
Neo GeoDefunct Games (Dec 04, 2004)
There is the matter of interactivity, though. And while you certainly can't move into the screen (except for when you are going through a hallway, then you can't move left or right), you can destroy, and leave bullet marks on most of the background. This is entertaining, for a while. But ultimately you figure out that the game is just dull, and you stop playing. Super Spy is a first person shooter for people afraid of the prospect of 3D.
Neo GeoAll Game Guide (1998)
The Super Spy is interesting in concept, but really fails in execution. The gameplay is boring, and the difficulty level makes it frustrating. If you want to check out an original game, then The Super Spy will satisfy you for some time. But if you want to play a good game, you'll want to look elsewhere.