Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Screenshots

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SNES version

Menu Screen
Cutscene on Hoth
The hostile environment in Hoth...
Caves are to be found at the end of some Hoth stages
The caves are the habitat of the wampas...
Our first boss, the giant wampa
Here is the alien probe!
And again!
After that, it's time to visit the rebel base...
...and do some 2D shooting
Exterior of the AT-AT (1)
Exterior of the AT-AT (2)
Inside the AT-AT
The boss battle on top of the AT-AT
3D Snowspeeder stage (I)
3D Snowspeeder stage (II): there is no other way to defeat the AT-ATs...
Now it's Han Solo's turn to escape from Hoth
The empire will throw everything at him!
The following stage takes us to the Millennium Falcon
Meanwhile, Luke learns the ways of the force in Dagobah
Dagobah and its dangerous swamps
Boss battle in Dagobah
Han Solo in Cloud City
Cloud City is full of dangers! Now Chewbacca needs to find C3PO
Imperial soldiers?! But this means...
Han Solo makes his way through the carbonite facility...
And Chewbacca now tries to find out the secrets behind Cloud City....
Luke to the rescue!
Luke thinks he has mastered the ways of the force...
...but is he ready for the final confrontation with Darth Vader? We'll see!