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Super Star Wars

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Description from manual - SNES (US):

    "SUPER STAR WARS" is a single-player action-arcade game which takes place in a galaxy far, far away. An evil galactic Emperor and his menacing servant Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith, rules this galaxy. But a Rebel Alliance has formed to fight back and protect peaceful planets against the ruthless Empire. In an effort to subdue the Alliance, Lord Vader and his Imperial Forces have taken one of the Alliance's leaders, the beautiful Princess Leia Organa, prisoner. Now they threaten to conquer and destroy planets with their new and hostile space station- codename: DEATH STAR.

    You begin your adventure as young Luke Skywalker on your home planet of Tatooine. From there, on foot and in your hovering landspeeder, you fight against subhuman creatures and the Sarlacc Pit Monster. Finally, after arriving in the city of Mos Eisley, you find your friends Han Solo and Chewbacca and leave with them to join Rebel Forces. Then, the race is on for you to rescue the Princess, and to attack the dreaded Death Star in your X-Wing starfighter before the Emperor and his Imperial Forces destroy another peaceful planet.

    This action-arcade game consists of many side-view and first-person levels. At the end of the side-view level, you will confront a huge, ugly Super Boss. After defeating it, you will advance to the next level. In the first-person levels, you fly a vehicle and engage in battle against attacking enemies. After defeating a certain amount of enemies successfully, you will move on to the next stage.

    Be careful, your heroes have a limited amount of health and lives. There are many items you can pick up which will increase your health, life and weapon power.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (54617) on Apr 12, 2005.

Back of Box:
    Risk your life as a Jedi Knight

    oin Luke, Han and Chewbacca in their fierce war against the Evil Empire. Battle treacherous aliens. Pilot two vehicles in high speed, first person, 3-D sequences. Fight your way through the wastelands of Tatoonie to the hostile streets of Mos Eisley and beyond. So grab your blaster, strap on your lightsaber, and take on the fight for galactic freedom.

  • Rip through the desert in Luke's landspeeder

  • Clash with aliens in the Mos Eisley Cantina

  • Blast menacing boss monsters and Imperial stormtroopers

  • Attack TIE fighters in the trenches of the Death Star

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69753) on Mar 17, 2004.