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Super Street Fighter II

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Wii U
Sharp X68000

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Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Amiga 7 3.1
Amiga CD32 2 3.8
Arcade 3 3.7
DOS 6 3.9
FM Towns 2 4.9
Genesis 15 3.6
Sharp X68000 1 4.7
SNES 31 4.2
Wii 3 4.7
Wii U 1 4.8
Combined MobyScore 71 4.0

The Press Says

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SNESTotal! (Germany)
Wenn Ihr also das (aller)beste Kampfspiel haben wollt, bleibt Euch nur dieses Modul. Besitzern der erste Version kann man ebenfalls (fast) uneingeschränkt zum Kauf raten, da sich in den letzten Jahren soviel verändert und verbessert, daß sie mit diesem Update auf jeden Fall glücklich werden. Falls Ihr die Turbo-Version habt, guckt Euch dieses Game an und entscheidet selbst, ob Euch die Verbesserungen das Geld wert sind.
SNESThe Video Game Critic
This was the third edition of Street Fighter 2 to appear on the SNES. It added four brand new characters, bringing the grand total to sixteen. Of the new challengers, Fei Long, is a Bruce lee look-alike, Cammy is a scantily clad British soldier, Dee Jay is a tall guy from the Caribbean, and T. Hawk is a huge American Indian in a sissy pink outfit. The game also includes a new tournament mode for multiple players, and I recall having fun with that way back in the day. Super Street Fighter's graphics have been tweaked from the previous game to look slightly more realistic, and the music has been remastered for better or worse. Most regard this as the ultimate Street Fighter game for the SNES.
GenesisPlayer One
Les Street Fighter se suivent et ne se ressemblent suffisamment pas pour qu'on craque à chaque fois. Quand on aime...
SNESGame Players
Four new fighters make their debut - Cammy, Fei Long, Dee Jay and Thunder Hawk. Each has his or her own stage, pushing the total number of characters to 16! The action is the same, but the extras push this one close to perfection.
GenesisGame Players
Four new fighters make their debut - Cammy, Fei Long, Dee Jay and Thunder Hawk. Each has his or her own stage, pushing the total number of characters to 16! The action is the same, but the extras push this one close to perfection.
WiiOfficial Nintendo Magazine
Simply put, this is the ultimate Street Fighter game that you'll ever find on the Virtual Console.
GenesisGame Players
This game's flava. I couldn't decide whether this was a new game or just a follow-up to the early games. There are four new fighters and some new moves for the other fighters. Otherwise the game is basically the same as the other Street Fighter games, which doesn't make this game a bad one.
SNESGame Players
This game's flava. I couldn't decide whether this was a new game or just a follow-up to the early games. There are four new fighters and some new moves for the other fighters. Otherwise the game is basically the same as the other Street Fighter games, which doesn't make this game a bad one.
GenesisGamePro (US)
After so many versions of Street Fighter, one initially would have hoped that Super would be the last, the best and the most complete. Unfortunately, from the looks of things none of those three wishes have come true. Regardless, Super is still Street Fighter, Street Fighter is still the best fighting game ever made and if you don't own a SNES, you probably will enjoy a purchase or extended rental of this Genesis product.
SNESGamePro (US)
When all is said and done, Super SF II is a great translation, but it's not the game it could have been --- Super Turbo with ten stars. On the other hand, one way to look at purchasing Super is this; Many other series get updated every year with few new features but at the heart are still the same game. If you're an SF fan, $70 gets you a multitude of new features, new characters and another year of Shoruykens and Thrust Kicks in your own home.
There’s not much to say that hasn’t been said before. It’s the same game with a few, albeit very good upgrades. This is the reason I can’t go the full monty and give it a 10. If it was a full brand-new game that still featured the original cast along with the New Challengers, it’d be pretty much the perfect fighter for your Genesis. Also, I’ve always liked that shadows-on-a-brick-wall image for intimidation.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
The newcomers include a gigantic Native American named T. Hawk, a Jamaican guy named Dee Jay, Bruce Lee look-alike Fei Long, and a scantily-clad hottie by the name of Cammy. Die-hard fans will appreciate the new faces, but at the time this was released, it was a questionable upgrade. The graphics are top-notch for a Genesis title, but still pale compared to the SNES version. The sound effects are particularly bad; perhaps even worse than those in the Championship edition (or maybe there's just more of them). Due to the system's limited sonic range, digitized voices and punch effects are accompanied by hiss and static. A few extra modes like tournament, group, and time challenge are included, but these aren’t anything special. Besides being able to use the 6-button Genesis controller, this version has no obvious advantages over its SNES cousin.
GenesisSega Force
Det känns nästan som om Champion Edition var helt onödig. Jag tycker att man lika gott kunde väntat lite och släppt detta spel på en gång, eftersom det är så mycket bättre. Nu vet man att Champion Edition är dömt att samla damm i en låda, och det finns klar risk att den som satsat sura pengar på det känner sig lite lurad. Folk kanske frågar sig om det är någon mening med att köpa Super Street Fighter 2, för man vet aldrig om det kommer ett Super Duper Special Total Mega Kanon Street Fighter 2 om ett halvår. Frågan står öppen. Men over all är SSF2 ett klart underhållande spel med en enda skamfläck - ljudet!
GenesisHigh Score
SSF2 är det bästa fightingspelet för hemmakonsoller jag har sett på mycket länge. Men det är klart, jag använder ju sexknapparspadar.
GenesisDigital Press - Classic Video Games
Look, there's no need to discuss the gameplay or controls. Both are immaculate. Then again, most of these games are. This is a great port, but Capcom took a shot when this game bombed and sat on store shelves for months on end (or so the rumors say). People simply weren't willing to drop $50 on an upgrade once a year and this game proved it. Regardless, this is a must own for fighting game fans who can't part with their venerable Genesis. Take away the sound issue and you have the best of the two versions on the 16-bit consoles.
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers is very likely the last version of Street Fighter II that will come to the Virtual Console, as it's the last version of the game made in the '90s for the SNES. It's possible that Capcom will present the SNES version of Street Fighter Alpha 2 at some point in the future, too, but that game's part of the Alpha series and differs quite a bit from this earlier design. So that makes this version the last of II, and the best of II on the VC. If you haven't yet spent 800 Wii Points on any of the different Street Fighter II downloads, this is the one to get. It took them over a year and we had to wait through two past editions of the same experience, but this third time is, at last, the charm.
AmigaAmiga Joker
Der langen Rede kurzer Sinn: Die technisch nicht gerade bahnbrechende AGA-Fassung bleibt zwar hinter den Erwartungen zurück, überzeugt aber immerhin in puncto Spielbarkeit – sofern Festplatte und CD32-Pad angestöpselt sind. Selbst dieser Vorzug entfällt bei der schlichtweg mißratenen Standardfassung: hier versetzen nervötendes Disketten-Handling und eine äußerst bescheidene Optik dem Spielspaß den finalen K.o. Wer daher am A500 packende Straßenkämpfe erleben will, sollte es besser mit dem originalen „Street Fighter II“ oder modernen Konkurrenten wie „Elfmania“ und „Shadow Fighter“ versuchen. Oder Ihr wartet noch ein, zwei Monate, bis „Super Street Fighter II Turbo“ für den Amiga erscheint, wußte Gameteks Variante mit dem Nachbrenner im Titel doch bereits am PC sehr gut zu gefallen!
(page 34/35)
WiiNintendo Life
Having taken so long to get here, the first online Street Fighter for Wii is a mixed bag. The core game is as enjoyable and finely tuned as ever, and it's got all the features of the SNES version but with the addition of online play. The internet component is truly barebones though, with only single matches against anonymous opponents to keep your interest. Five years ago we could have said the online play was a good starting point for future titles, but after all this time it feels more like justification for Capcom's choice not to bring an online Street Fighter to Wii sooner.
SNESElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
As much as I hate to do this, I cannot give this game an outstanding score. Why? It's simple. It's not worth buying SF2 again, just for new characters and a couple of new options. Oh sure, the game plays as good, if not better, than SFII Turbo and the four additional characters add a bit more challenge, but c'mon already, enough is enough. Alright class, let's see if we can count to three! 1...2...sorry!
GenesisElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Another year, another Street Fighter. I've heard this song before! Hopefully, it will be the last time. The four new characters are a great addition, but are they reason to go buy the game? Yes, there are new moves for the other fighters, but there aren't enough to make it any different. Although the graphics are a good match to the arcade, the sound really takes a dive. It's better to turn down the volume.
Overall, Super Street Fighter 2 is worth buying if you want to play as the four new characters and to check out the new Chun-Li pose, but the balance issue kills the versus modes which Street Fighter was known for. The sound is greatly improved, the new voices give each character their own feel and the removal of "ticking" opponents saves n00bs from becoming Zangief's lunchmeat. But again, the balance issue really kills the gameplay.
WiiDefunct Games
After successfully launching Street Fighter II on the Sega Genesis with Special Champion Edition, Capcom decided to follow up their success with a more traditional arcade port. There's really no reason for you to buy this game if you own an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, at that point you should just spend a few dollars more and get Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. Everybody else might want to weigh the pros and cons of buying this annoying cash-in.
AmigaAmiga Games
Dieses Spiel trifft Amiga-User wie eine berüchtigte 3-Hit-Combo beim Super Street Fighter II-Automaten. Furchtbare Animationen, Fehlen jeglichen Spielgefühls und Minisprites, sind nur die Spitze des Eisbergs.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Als Brennpunkt von Gewalt in Computerspielen war dieses Genre nie ganz unumstritten. Auch durch hohen Spielwitz wußte es bisher nicht gerade zu glänzen. Um für eine breitere Masse interessant zu werden, sollte daher wenigstens Wert auf die äußere Form gelegt werden. FX-Fighter und Virtua Fighter demonstrieren dies in eindrucksvoller Weise. Super Street Fighter 2 hingegen betätigt wieder die Erkenntnis, daß gute Beat ´em Ups für den PC eher Ausnahmen sind.
DOSComputer Gaming World (CGW)
No matter how you slice it, SUPER STREET FIGHTER II is a shameful port of an arcade classic. It pains me to say this, but while other fighting games might not be as good in the arcades – many lack STREET FIGHTER'S depth – they were at least carefully ported to the PC. PRIMAL RAGE, which isn't a very good game, is far better, and MORTAL KOMBAT 3's PC version is the port by which all fighting games should be measured.
DOSPower Play
Absolut gesehen ist Super Street Fighter II durchaus spielbar und deutlich besser als die grausige Erstumsetzung von U.S. Gold, aber halt überflüssig wie der oft gescholtene Kropf. Selbst im mickrigen Feld der PC-Prügler geht es gnadenlos unter. Tip: Muß es unbedingt Streetfighter sein, dann greift zu Gameteks Turbo-Edition.