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Super Stuntman

Super Stuntman Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen.
Get ready.
Good going.
Shoot the other vehicles.

Super Stuntman Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Main menu
Game start
Game start
A tight swerve past a hazard
Which F1 game did they borrow that car graphic from
Blew it up anyway
Went into a dead end by accident
Reversing out
Can we call that a Cunning Stunt bonus?
Jumping off a ramp
All 3 cars gone
Loading screen.
Level 2: Speed Boat Chase. Relatively easy level. Main thing is don't swim out to the land.
Level 3: The Forest Scene. Probably the easiest level of the game.
Level 4: The Canyon Jump. Here it is important at the right time to launch a turbo acceleration jump.
Level 5: City Car Chase. In the presence of mines, barbed wire tenacious, narrow passages, blind turns and a lot of contenders.It will not be easy.
Level 6: Wild Water Scene. In general, similar to 2 level, but there are two waterfalls.
Level 7: The Grand Finale. In short at level 5 it was more easily.
High Scores.