Super Tank Simulator

Super Tank Simulator Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen.
Title screen.
Let's go.
Blast that gun placement.

Super Tank Simulator Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
The game begins here
Watch out for that tank fire!
Destroyed one turret, some more to go...
Helicopter and tank attacking!
Destroyed a tank in this city
I've been destroyed!
Targeting an enemy jeep
The screen flashes when you're hit by missiles
Wandering about a deadly maze
Crossing a bridge
Hiding behind some trees in the jungle
Lots of enemies attacking with no where to hide!

Super Tank Simulator Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Main menu
High scores
Partial credits
Game start
Took out 2 turrets, now on the move
Picked up extra weaponry