Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss Screenshots

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen/Main menu
Select game mode
A-type Tetris
B-type Tetris starts with garbage
C-type Tetris has garbage rising from the bottom
Bombliss contest mode
Select which Bombliss puzzle to play
Bombliss puzzle mode
2 player Bombliss game setup
Two player mode

SNES version

Title screen
Register a name (or more likely initials since the game can only handle three chracters)
Choose between playing Tetris or Bombliss
The A-type game lets the player choose the speed level they want to start at
An empty well
A falling block
Blocks can be rotated while falling
Connecting two blocks together
About to fill in a line
When a line is filled in all the blocks in that line disappear
When all the blocks reach the top of the well, it's game over
The top ten scores for Tetris A-Type
In B-Type Tetris the player can set the speed level plus the height level of the garbage blocks
Playing a B-Type game with blocks already in the well
The garbage blocks rise from the bottom of the well in C-Type Tetris
Setting up height and speed level for both players in a two player game
2 player game
The bar on the side of each player's well keeps track of how many line their opponent made. The goal is to fill up your opponents bar by filling in more lines.
About to play a game of Bombliss
Startin a game of Bombliss
A square block of bombs
Filling a line with bombs in it
The bombs exploding
Choosing a Bombliss puzzle to play
Starting puzzle mode
Where should this go?
This might work
Hopefully the whole line is cleared
Failed to solve the puzzle since 1 block is left over
The game proclaims "Excellent" after a puzzle is solved
The second puzzle
Checkmarks show which puzzles have been solved
One of the harder puzzles later in the game
Setting up a 2 player game of Bombbliss
Try to win more matches than the other player
Player 1 won