Super World Court Screenshots (Arcade)

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Selecting mode: singles or doubles
Player selection
Tournament selection
American Open hard court: Max vs Cat
Nice shot, Cat!
Slamming the ball on clay
"Franch Open" scoreboard
I'll show you double fault!! What an awesome feature, seriously, what other tennis game would allow you to smack the line umpire
Tins won
Namco Open, playing against a frog called MMM
The ball boy in this court is Pac-Man, plus you can smack him around too if you want
Doubles match, computer serving
Namco Open scoreboard, take that Jill Ho :P
Yuri Cat for the win
Player selection for doubles match (Japanese version)
The Frog blending in on the Wimbledon court (Japanese version)
French Open tournament (Japanese version)