Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Title screen
Main menu
Girl is one of the first characters you will meet.
Zooming out for a better view of the environment
Sitting down by the fire to rest
This beast will not let you pass without a fight.
Fighting sequence. Use the two icons at the bottom to defend yourself or strike.
A mountain with the shape of a large head
A lost statue
You awaken the Spectre, your nemesis.
Returning, but now the colours have changed.
The Archetype appears to offer some explanation.
Rotate your device to open the Megatome
Browsing the Megatome - characters with a + sign have some new information.
The Scythian practises some of her new magic.
Alone at the top of a mountain
Strange lights are part of a puzzle here.
You can sit down with Jim Guthrie, the composer, and listen to some of his guitar music.
A fight with a rather unusual opponent.
The game's EP appears in the background environment/
A light appears in the sky and a new entrance opens up.

Windows version

Main menu. (You can actually play with the vinyl record there)
The circle at the middle of the log is where i double tapped the mouse point.
He saw a monster...
Fighting sequence. Time your strikes.
Sound check
An invitation to a dialogue
We've only 1 health point left
It's a mountain
Inside a dark cave
We've definitely found something valuable
Practicing sworcery
Sworcery explained
Menu, including the Megatome
The Megatome lets us see what other people think
The Archetype thinks...
In a dream
Meeting Jim Guthrie
Sworcery and rainbow
You can tweet everything that happens to you from an in-game menu
A ghost
Rock concert