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Nintendo 64Gaming Target
With more then decent graphics, controls, and sound going for the game, you may want to try it out, or by chance buy the game. The only problem is that there were two other motorbike games released on the N64. Nintendo's ol' racing classic update, Excitebike 64, and Acclaim's Jeremy McGarth Supercoss. With those two speeding down the track as well, you may want to hold onto your money to test each one out first. Although, if you decide to pick this one up now, you won't go wrong here.
This is a great game if you want a decent simulation of Supercross action or are a die-hard dirt-bike racing fan. However, for the casual gamer, this game will not stay in the PSX very long. It just doesn’t keep the interest alive long enough. It is a fun game, just not for long...
Nintendo 64Gamezilla
This game will really make you slow down and pay attention to the simulation aspects of dirt bike racing. If you don't think that would be your type of game, I suggest you stay away from this one because you will only get frustrated. If you are the type of gamer who is willing to invest the time in learning how to control the bikes, you should have some fun with this title. I really liked the freestyle courses but did get bored with them after a while. This game is not for everyone but it is worth a rental to see if it is right for you.
Nintendo 64Nintendojo
A decent and solid game. The simulation side of the game is very detailed and excellently executed. I can't venture to say that it breaks any ground or that it's incredible. The one feeling I get from this game is that it feels very Playstationish to me. Sony games never seemed to have the 'pop' that I like in my gaming and it seems that Supercross 2000 feels exactly like a Playstation game in that regard. That's probably why I'm an N64 fan and not a PSX weenie. I don't think that Hyper Bike will surpass this game so I hope that Left Field (of the Kobe Series) can do a MUCH better job with their installment of the Excite Bike series then EA did with Supercross 2000.
Nintendo 64Sports Gaming Network
Like I said at the top, if you enjoy simulation-heavy racers, and are a big supercross fan, you may enjoy this game. If you just want a fun, arcade racing experience, you may want to hold off and see what Jeremy McGrath has to offer in a few months.
Nintendo 64Total! (Germany)
Supercross 2000 spielt sich nicht unbedingt so fantastisch gut wie ein echter Spitzentitel, hat aber aufgrund der hartnäckigen Computer-Fahrer seinen Reiz. Vor allem die Stuntparcours sind im Zweispieler-Modus eine spaßige Sache. Dort wetteifert ihr unter Zeitdruck um Punkte. Wer ein Fan von Fun-Sportspielen wie zum Beispiel 1080° ist, wird durchaus auch an Supercross 2000 seine Freude haben und die Stunts üben, bis die Highscore-Anzeige glüht.
Nintendo 64GameSpot
If you're a fan of supercross, and you've been waiting for a good game to come along on the N64, Supercross 2000 is good enough as a first effort, but hopefully we'll see some control tweaks and some improved performance in the sound and graphics departments in the unannounced-but-you-know-EA-will-eventually-do-it sequel.
Nintendo 64HappyPuppy
Still, I think when my friend gets his hands on this game, he'll forgive me, Art Eckman or no. This is as close as you can get to real supercross racing...without breaking a leg, that is.
PlayStationConsoles Plus
La moto tourne tellement mal qu'il faut ralentir au maximum. Le problème, c'est que quand elle n'avance pas, elle ne tourne pas. Il faut donc se prendre les murs en espérant que les concurrents feront pareil, les simulations de motocross ne manquent pas sur Playstation. Faites votre choix, mais surtout pas celui-là.
Nintendo 64All Game Guide
Supercross 2000 is a good, welcome addition to the system's library. Fans of Supercross are in for a treat, and non-fans can find something to like in here as well. If you're tired of traditional road racing, give this one a try. If nothing else, try it for the fun Freestyle mode.
Nintendo 64Mega Fun
Okay, Supercross 2000 ist eines der Spiele, bei denen man sich fragt, wie man die Thematik aus der Realität ins Spiel umsetzt. Ich für meinen Teil kann in diesem Fall nur Folgendes feststellen: Der Ansatz ist gut, aber bei der Ausführung wurde gnadenlos versagt. Warum? Nun, zum einen ist die Steuerung grauenhaft schwammig und ungenau. Man hat sein Gefährt zu keiner Zeit richtig unter Kontrolle, geschweige denn im Griff. Zum anderen hat man auf den Strecken in Kurven gar keine Chance, richtig einzulenken, um diese zu meistern. Und so tropft die gesamte Session so mir nichts dir nichts mit Vollgas – Bremsen - Vollgas - Bremsen an einem vorbei.
PlayStationMega Fun
Wenn ich mir die Motocrossveranstaltungen im Fernsehen anschaue, sieht das immer so spektakulär aus! Bei EAs Supercross 2000 nervt vor allem die schwammige Steuerung, die euch in den zahlreichen Kurven im Stich lässt. Ein weiteres Problem ist die Kollisionsabfrage, denn zu oft verkeilt man sich in dem Bande, was nicht nur unrealistisch ist, sondern man verliert wichtige Zeit. Ferner wirken die Fahrer kantig und die Zuschauerkulisse verkommt zu einem regelrechten Pixelmeer. Positiv sind das gesprächige Kommentatorenpaar und die deftigen Punk-Rock-Rhythmen, die euch während des virtuellen Geschehens begleiten. Supercross 2000 ist nur etwas für echte Fans, die über die technischen Probleme hinwegsehen können.
Nintendo 64Daily Radar
While we're all for games that accurately emulate vehicle racing, especially something as exciting as motorcycle supercross, there's something to be said for making games fun at the same time. Rabid motorcycle fans will likely find a lot of good stuff in Supercross 2000 with its sim-heavy realism, need for tight control to get around corners and the chance to emulate greats like Mike Metzger and Jeff Emig in high-flyin' freestyle stunts. But for the rest of the gaming public looking for a fun motorcycle game, frustration levels run high in this one. Cornering is a lesson in patience, and although the high-res graphics (with an Expansion Pak) look great, textures tend to get rather bland pretty quickly. It's great that it's realistic, but that doesn't mean it's fun.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
I feel that Supercross 2000 lacks a few things, chiefly gameplay, that made Supercross Circuit a much more, well-rounded game. The graphics and style that EA SPORTS bragged about for this game seems to have actually made it too slow and lacking dynamic gameplay. To it's credit, the game does have some nice modes and play-by-play, but all of the other features can be matched and beaten by Supercross Circuit quite admirably. Not a terrible effort, but not to the potential it could've been.
Décevant ! Electronic Arts a pourtant l’habitude de nous fournir de bon softs. Là pour le coup c’est raté ; tout juste prendra-t-on plaisir à se faire quelques courses. Technique médiocre pour la console, et jouabilité limitée… Supercross 2000 ne fait pas partie des bons jeux de ce début d’année 2000.
Supercross 2000 is Electronic Arts' entry into the world of dirt bike racing, and it definitely feels like a first-year effort. Control issues and dodgy graphics plant Supercross 2000 firmly behind 989 Sports' recent addition to the genre, Supercross Circuit.
What do you care if the little coloured man on the bike is named after one of 24 biking personalities? It’s about as effective as being served your armed robbery subpoena only to notice it’s printed on recycled paper. Besides looking exactly like every other muddy bike game ever, the biggest flaw in Supercross 2000, the sugar in its gas tank if you like, is control. There isn’t any. Winding helplessly down bland brown channels of dirt, woeful desperation seizes you as you realise the course of this journey is not within your command. It’s extremely distressing if you’re used to altogether better performance. The bike and rider feel light and generally unrealistic, so it’s an impossible science judging how to angle them both for the short time you’re between jumps. A freestyle tricks mode, with free movement around an arena, is less punishing and much more fun. Is that enough to warrant a sale? Nope.
PlayStationSuper Play
Varför Electronic Arts med sitt goda rykte och bra resurser släpper en så här undermålig produkt är en gåta. Om de åtminstone hade struntat i realismen och gjort ett hyfsat och lite spektakulärt arkadspel med häftiga hopp och lite kul trick hade man kunnat acceptera det. Supercross 2000 däremot är bara skräp.