Superfrog Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro sequence
Title screen
Features table
Bonus table
High scores table
Level overview
Level 1-1 starting point
Level 1-1 jumping high with help of catapult
Level 1-1 finished
Bonus game after finishing level
World 2 - The castle.
Pull the levers to open doors.
Secret passage.
Uff... That was close.
The statue of our hero.
Jumping on the trampolines.
Welcome to the fun park!
99 coins to collect.
Big sucking thing.
Level 4 - The pyramid.
Hidden chamber.
The mummy.
Level 5 - The ice world.
Beware of snowballs.
Superfrog goes to the moon.
Secret level.
Project-X style level.

Amiga CD32 version

The Superfrog disc also contains a couple of demos.
Title screen for the manual.
The CD32 version didn't have a printed manual included, something that's very common today.
This is what true love must look like!
The witch is not amused.
She kidnaps the princess and transforms the prince into a frog.
Poor froggie!
Title screen.
Score table.
Loading level 1.
Progress map.
Jumping around in level 1.
Quick, I have to escape from the deadly ... snail.
Climbing to the tree top.
I'm missing a key and can't leave the level yet.
The tree seems kind of gleeful.
High score entry.

DOS version

Slot Machine
Magic Woods Begin
Magic Woods End
Spooky Castle Begin
Spooky Castle End
Fun Park Begin
Fun Park End
Ancient Level Begin
Ancient Level End
Ice World Begin
Ice World End
Space Level Begin
Space Level End
Level 1-1
Level completed, you can now choose to gamble or keep your items.
The exit won't open until you have collected the number of coins displayed in the lower right corner.
Small enemy
Jump on spring
Happy sun
Happy tree
In castle
Wrecking ball
Exit is blocked
Level completed
Frog statue
A Fun World level.
Big sucking thing!
Watch out for the ball and chain!
Ancient World Level - avoid the spikes!
Ancient World Level - nice shield on the wall
Ice World Level
Ice World Level - Time it to avoid getting crushed by the stone
Space level - Lots of spikes here!
Top scores list.