Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars Credits

Psyonix, Inc.

Team LeadDave Hagewood
ProgrammersCorey Davis, Dave Hagewood, Jared Cone, Jerad Heck, Jonathan Hagewood, Mitchell Davis, Thomas Silloway
ArtistsAdam Beckwith, Ben Beckwith, Eric Majka, Rhys Harwell
QAPhillip Manning, Garrett Sewell, Chris Suich, Robert Hudson
ProductionHeather Chandler, Justin Washington
Sound DesignTony Porter, Yun Kim
Additional ArtStreamline Studios, Beren Baumgartner
Additional ProgrammingAndrey Dobrikov, Bryan Ratledge, C.J. Soques, Josh Andrassy, Sean Purdy
MarketingMichael Meyers Public Relations
PRMichael Meyers Public Relations
Special ThanksDavid Sirmons, Epic Games, Mark A. Rein, George Bain, Chris Eden, William Phillips, Jessica Hagewood, Puppy Pupperson, Chase McMahon, Dale Broadbent
XMB™ MusicAdam B. Metal, Chris Wombwell, Nathan Pye, Rant Theory Podcast,,
Credits MusicTony Porter

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Credits for this game were contributed by Thomas Silloway (14)