Supreme Warrior Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

Title screen
Intro movie
Fang Tu - The Big Boss - He seeks for the other half part of his mask to gain enough power to rule the world!!
Your master (Mr. Myiagi (!)) and his assistant
Main menu - select your path.
This girl is your sidekick. She knows how to find the evil fighters inside the village.
WOW!! One fighter coming from the top of that high roof using the Matrix style!!
Blocking a kick.
Kicking the enemy in the face!! Ouch! That hurts!!!
Taunted by the warrior after losing 3 consecutive fights.
Unleashing a roundhouse kick against one of the fire guards.
Trying to hit him with a side kick.
Pause screen
If you lose 9 fights, Fang Tu will rip your head off - Game Over!
I'll try again!!! But this time against a hot chick.
Throwing a right hook.
Knocked out again! Lying on the floor.
Taunted by Ambrosia after being knocked out by her 3 times! What a shame.
The master is very upset! Game over.
High scores

DOS version

Title screen
Intro movie
A province in China under attack
The most feared warrior Fang Tu
Your master and his assistant
The main selection screen
Extra options menu
Keyboard configuration screen
Gift Icons - extra power during battles
Load game screen
This girl will lead you to trouble!!!! Do not listen to her!!
The hottest chick of the game!
Ooops! She's coming
A powerful side kick hit
Now she is very upset!
A power block - this move reflects the attack back to your opponent
Something is going wrong! I can only see the red color!!!
Knocked out
One kiss for the loser!
The pause screen - it shows some fight statistics
The earth warlord! He's very strong
Unleashing a palm punch in his ugly face
A Matrix-style power attack!!
Both fighters kicking each other at the same time!!!!
Damn! He's difficult to hit!
And here comes the other one! Blocking his jump spin kick
The fire warlord
Ouch!!!! That kick hurts!!!
Using one of the gift icons
What's that??? A torch in his hands?
Wow, that's hot!
Trying to keep him as far as possible!
Trying to block his deadly fireball
What's that? An airplane? No, just one of the wind bodyguards
Trying to hit him in the air with a side kick
Blocking a kick
The wind warlord
Fang Tu wins! Game Over!
High scores

SEGA 32X version

Title Screen
Fang Tu Raids the Village
Select Your Path
Fang Tu
Fighting one of the fire dudes.
Unleash a kick!
You will fight hot chicks.

SEGA CD version

It's magic
To the left: The good guy; to the right: The bad guy
Getting instructions
Mission selection
Time to change disk
It's gonna get hot
Time for action!
I lost