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Switchblade II

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Atari ST

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Generally an impressive game if you can face some of the frustrating sections Amiga Martin Smith (63155)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 1 4.8
Atari ST 1 2.8
BlackBerry Awaiting 1 votes...
Lynx 2 3.0
Combined MobyScore 4 3.4

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Atari STAtari ST User
The graphics are at worst, excellent and at best, absolutely stunning. With so much playability it's bound to be big. Get it now.
AmigaAmiga Action
Switchblade was an excellent game and still looks very good compared to many new releases. Now the sequel is here and it's even better. What makes it so good is the excellent contrast between platform strategy and blasting. The addition of extra weapons is also greatly appreciated along with the much improved range of enemies and back-drops. The graphics are far superior to the original, providing beautiful sprites and silky smooth scrolling. You'd be a fool if you let Switchblade II pass by.
Atari STST Format
The whole thing's terribly playable and packed with chunky addictive goodness. Slick and smart.
Atari STST Format
Surprisingly, Switchblade 2 is a very enjoyable game. This is surprising because (a) Switchblade was dull as ditchwater that's a bit duller than usual, (b) platform games aren't exactly at the cutting edge of gameplay, (c) there's really nothing seen many times before in a hundred other platform games, and (c) see (a). Switchblade 2 is not too difficult and, with a few false starts, level two at least is within your reach, if not the end of the game. It's perfect for when you really can't be bothered to get your cerebral tissue wrapped round anything more taxing than shooting robots. Hiro probably never liked watching daytime TV anyway.
LynxGame Zero
Switchblade II is a very solid title. The play is excellent and the control is precise. The graphics are very crisp--particularly for their small size. My only misgiving with the title was the lack of music--without any music and very few sound effects, I think the title may have lost something. Other than that, however, no complaints.
LynxThe Video Game Critic
Switchblade II isn't a particularly memorable romp, but it packs enough entertainment value to hold your attention.
AmigaPower Play
Die gute Spielbarkeit und professionelle Aufmachung japanischer Videospiele vermisse ich bei vielen dumpfen Computer-Actionlangweilern. Die Switchblade-Programmierer haben hingegen ihre Lektion gelernt: Blitzsaubere Präsentation, stilvolle Grafik, und ausgeklügeltes Leveldesign machen ihren neuen Titel zu einem Vergnügen. Zahlreiche versteckte Räume, klug verteilte Extras und das "Waffeneinkauf-System" powern die Motivation gewaltig auf. Lediglich die zahlreichen Verzweigungen in einigen Levels könnten Spielern mit schlechtem Gedächtnis gegen den Strich gehen. Vergeßt viel von dem Actionschrott, der Euch sonst auf dem Amiga serviert wird. Switchblade 2 ist ein gut durchdachtes, anspruchsvolles Stück Software.
AmigaAmiga Joker
Grafik wird ebenfalls reichlich geboten; sie ist zwar ähnlich düster wie beim Vorgänger, aber äußerst umfangreich: die sechs Level (je hundert Screens!) sind randvoll mit Monstern, Fallen, Geheimräumen, etc... Gescrollt wird perfekt in alle Richtungen, der Sound ist brauchbar, die Steuerung sogar sehr gut - Hiro kann also durchaus stolz auf seinen Nachkommen sein.
(page 42)
LynxPower Play
Das haben wir doch irgendwo schon einmal gesehen: Ein Held, klein von Wuchs und groß von Tapferkeit, auf dem Weg in die Freiheit. Wie im richtigen Leben ist der Weg in die solche dornenreich. Dornenreich weil jede Menge Hürden, wie kleine und große Selbstschußanlagen, bombenspuckendes, fliegendes und einfach nur wirr herumlaufendes Gesprite den Weg so beschwerlich machen.
LynxAll Game Guide
In short, Switchblade II is shoddy work. The developers were paid a salary while making this game, but somehow managed to turn out something outclassed by games developed by hobbyists in their spare time. With a year or two of programming knowledge, even you could make a game better than this.
LynxDigital Press - Classic Video Games
This might make an average introduction for a small child into action gaming. The speed of the game seems suited to their still developing reaction time, and there's not much of a fight from the enemies. Anyone else is better off elsewhere, and even though the Lynx doesn't offer something like Contra, the sheer average-ness of this makes it unbearable.