S.W.I.V. Screenshots

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Acorn 32-bit version

Giant bomber

Amiga version

Title screen
Jeep parameters
Heli parameters
Best scores screen
Options screen
Credits screen
Defend yourself from incoming choppers
Controlling the jeep is harder than helicopter
This folded aircraft is carrying 2-3 upgrade tokens.
Enemies are mostly formed in groups
Two vehicles on the left can fire guided missiles
1st Boss
Momentally protected by bulletproof shield
Land mines are no real threat for helicopter
Your jeep is replaced by motorboat on the open water
The upgrade aircraft during its formation together
Intensive battle above the sea level
White rings flies away promptly after they shoot
What a huge indestructible alien-like ship
Four guided missiles launched from a big plane
These trucks are leaving hangars when you appear
A single tank is bravely moving across the bridge
Small yellow module hides tens of missiles
Squadron of black jets flies quickly towards me
Your heli can carry joined or scattered rockets
2nd Boss
So many enemies and so harmless because of shield
It's safer to destroy these turrets before they're active
Looks like some bombardment squadron
Groups of moving modules are deadly on touch
Several installations placed evenly to the circle
3rd Boss
Standard unfriendly environment full of bullets
Watch out for those volcanic rocks
Let's collect some hardly acquired upgrade tokens
Chopper on the left is firing to all sides
4th Boss
Final Boss
Game over screen with the statistic

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Title, credits and main menu
Loading level 1
Area 1: ready
Starting out level 1
Fighting the "goodies" helicopter.
Fighting level 1's main boss.
Starting area of level 2
Lost all my lives. Game over.
The high scores.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Part of the game demo sequence
A game in progress
Yikes, a very large enemy!
Incoming enemy planes!
Some large jets are attacking

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Heli parameters
Jeep parameters
Credits screen
Lookout, incoming enemies!
Controlling the jeep...
Watch out for enemy jets
Controlling the heli...
A very large end of level boss!

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Options+Credits screen
Defend yourself from incoming choppers.
Controlling the jeep is harder than helicopter
Watch out for guided missile on the right
Enemies are mostly formed in groups
This folded aircraft is carrying 1 upgrade token.
1st Boss
Flying around two fully occupied heliports
Attack of the group of heavily armoured tanks
The end of this frequented road is near
Your jeep is replaced by motorboat on the open water.
Let's deal with a lonely military installation
Intensive battle between ground and air forces
2nd Boss
Vehicles leaving hangars when you approach
Looks like crash in the air is unavoidable
Collect a token for extra life or better weapon.
3rd Boss
Watch out for those launched volcanic rocks
A few more bullets to finish upgrade carryall
Finally some quiet place without single enemy
Heli versus immobile tank with small fighters
4th Boss