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Sword of Sodan Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Joystick directions
High-score table being assembled
Choose your oiled-up bodybuilder
Loading screen
Level introduction
Jumping at the enemy
Dead heroine
Jumping over barrels
Force field
Tall enemy
Decapitated enemy
Land of the dead
Enemy with a force field
Lava death
Your own giant duck
Wizard's tower
Killing the putative wizard

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Choose character
Level 1 introduction
Level 1 setting
Game start, with a couple of potions to get
Some early hacking
They come to a gruesome end
Sadly, so did I
Plot developments from completing level 1
Level 2 start
Spikes everywhere!
At me from both sides
Level 3 introduction
Approaching the castle
That's a big one!
Already knocked one down here
Flying enemies here
Demonstrating that it takes up to 10 minutes to see the high scores
High scores