Swords & Soldiers Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Introduction screen
User profiles
Main menu
Scenario selection
Vikings tech-tree.
My Berserkers have killed some Aztec Jaguars
Some of my units have been imprisoned
Level select
Starting an Aztec level
One of my units is poisoned
Hulk smash!
At predefined points on the map a tower can be build, the Aztec's tower shoots laser beams
Now that's an army!
The enemy is supporting its troops with flaming arrows, while I keep summoning all fallen units back from the dead
The enemy's base within reach
Some pop-ups help advance the story. Breaking the fourth wall here
Redbeard is taunting me
Berserkers are wreaking havoc on my Giants
I prisoned an enemy unit
The Chinese can turn their warriors to stone
The Chinese tower is a Buddha statue
The Chinese leader doesn't look so comfortable now...