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PlayStation 3 version

Start screen.
Main menu.
Getting out of shackles in the start of the game with uncomplicated quick time event.
Chip bypassing is one of the core game mechanics, which player will use often.
Various "propaganda" sources are scattered across the game. They serve as a collectable source of game's world information.
Everything you read gets stored in the infobank. It could be accessed anytime.
Narrow alley shootout.
Dart overlay highlights interactive objects, enemies and makes your shot more deadly.
On the mission with your partner.
Guards are no match for us.
Listening in on the interrogation.
Fighting your way through the labs.
Can't shoot through the glass.
On your way to the train station.
Some weapons can lock onto targets.
Welcome to Eurocorp.
Taking a little stroll with your boss.
There's a price to pay for your inhuman skills.
Holding onto the outer plate of the aircraft is one way of reaching the city undetected.
You can extract chips from certain key characters and use them to enhance your abilities.
Lots of graffiti in this part of town.
Sneaking through the ventilation shaft.
Trying to sneak your way past the enemy guards.
Aim down your scope for better precision.
Whatever happened to these soldiers?
They seem persistent in trying to keep me out.
Some enemies are immune to regular weapons.

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
When the enemy is outlined in blue it means they are dead.
Inside the transport chopper, agent Merit is briefing the player character of what lies ahead.
Hacking surveillance cameras provides inside info.
Extra chips can be gained from some important enemies.
Chip extraction process
An Aspari design chip, how cool it would be to have such a thing planted in your head?
Once the player acquires an extra chip, they can enter the Dart chip upgrade system to beef themselves up.
Since the days of the good 'ol Duke Nukem no FPS is complete without a level in a night club.
Once the fun is over at the night club finish off the night with a drink from the menu.
Jammers come in packs of three. Eliminate their 2 escort troopers with the blinking cyan light on their backs before going for the main guy.
While in Dart Overlay mode, time slows down and the player takes less damage. You can also see enemies hidden behind walls or other obstacles.
Several computers and workstations can provide further info about the game's world.
The player can read the acquired info via the infobank, an internal database.
While downtown watch your step for these EMP mines. Step too close to them and your Dart chip support will be toast.
Feeling like a bit of BBQ? Grab the flamer and have some fun!
Heavy guardians will require some heavy punishment before they hit the ground, good news is that they will reward the player with an awesome kind of weapon.
Proceeding to another chapter, via train
Enemy security turrets can also be breached.
Hacking turrets always proves to be the most effective solution.
Some posters on the walls usually have hidden propaganda messages that are visible only in Dart overlay mode.
Using the ironsights of your weapon boosts firing accuracy with less ammo.
The player can restock ammo in weapon racks scattered around, or from dead enemies dropped weapons.
Also no FPS is complete without the necessary duct travelling à la Deus Ex.
In-game loading screen
Your Dart chip can intercept important calls and transmissions between key NPCs to give you further clues about what is going on.
In-game combat scene, shooting aplenty!
Where all the fun begins.
There's literally no better weapon in the game than the minigun!
Gunship Ahoy! No better use for the minigun!
Sometimes the game requires the player to solve simple platform puzzles in order to proceed
There's a lot going on in the train station. Agent Merit on the passage above is trying to get in to the train from the roof.
Boss short intro sequence
Miles Kilo many times travels in some unorthodox ways, like climbing on the exterior of choppers.
La Balena, Cayman Global's floating city from above
The Vitruvian is a health restoration device for syndicate agents. The original Syndicate game also featured the Vitruvian device.
Once in the Vitruvian device, agents' limbs heal on the spot! If only medical recovery was so quick and effective in the real world.
La Balena! Now you know where you're going to spend your vacation in the summer of 2069.
Syndicate agents usually regard civilians as expendable.
As soon as the gunfire begins, civilians react realistically by fleeing in panic.
The more you get hit by enemy fire the more blood splashes appear on hour HUD, too much of that ketchup and you're agent history.

Xbox 360 version

FPS game without violence? No way!
The carnage continues.
Syndicate provides an interesting amount of gore.
Fighting and hacking your enemies, all at the same time.
The game brings back the excitement (and sometimes frustration) of facing a tough boss.
This looks like a mix between "Deus Ex" and "Mirror's Edge".

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