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Genesis version

Title screen
Going home...
Bio research
Scanning information...
Training level
The first level
Mission objective
Character data
Strolling in the park
Blue level
If you go into a house, you won't be visible
Yellow bridge level - was it Algeria?
Iraq level
Hey, stop shooting, we aren't home!
China doesn't look too Chinese...
Deserted place
Skyscrapers and other stuff
Robots are walking around
Furious action
Nice area!
Alaska level
Syberia level

SEGA CD version

From the intro: Creating an agent
Title screen
Demo play
Mission selection screen
Selecting team members
Equipping the team
Enhancing the team
Time to start
The droid is firing at me
Mission fail animation
I failed
Mission stats

SNES version

Game title screen.
Main menu (JP).
Selecting zone to play
Mission Briefing
Selecting team members for mission
Spending research dollars to improve team
Be careful of those innocent by-standers.
Oops, team member hit by moving vehicle.
Using the panning feature to view action elsewhere.
"Drunk" cutscene.