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Syphon Filter 2

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PlayStation 3

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One cool game, and it is still cool in 2006!!!! PlayStation Alex Deck (2)

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Platform Votes Score
PlayStation 20 4.1
PlayStation 3 2 4.1
PSP 1 5.0
Combined User Score 23 4.1

Critic Reviews

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PlayStationCincinnati Enquirer
The game is spectacular to look at and the integration of video and audio allows gamers to feel like they are taking part in an interactive action flick. The menus are easy to follow, and unlike some first-person shooting games, it is very hard to get lost. The game almost makes you follow a pattern to avoid getting caught in the catacombs that are indigenous to some levels. With the addition of new weapons, characters and the dual player mode, Syphon Filter 2 surpasses the original and is by far one of the best games in its class.
En conclusión, Syphon Filter 2, es uno de los mejores juegos de acción de PSOne, que con un buen apartado técnico, un buen argumento, unas misiones largas y variadas y, sobre todo, un ritmo frenético, consigue superar a la primera parte de la saga y enganchar al jugador en los dos discos de que consta el juego. Si os gustan los juegos de acción, no deberiáis dejarlo pasar a pesar del tiempo que ha pasado desde su salida.
PlayStationSvenska PlayStation Magasinet
Ett komplett agentspel som infriar alla förväntningar och lite till. Det är mycket tillfredsställande att lösa de olika problemen, och man känner sig cool när man gör det.
PlayStationPrivat Computer PC
Syphon Filter 2 er ikke meget mere end nye baner ovenpå 1'eren. Men hvad gør det, når begge dele er så gode? Dette spil kan nydes fra start til slut og anbefales klart.
The old cliche holds true here -- if you loved the first, you'll love the second. But just beware of what you ask for. SF2 is more of the same, greater levels, more simplistic story, more trial-and-error gameplay. And despite all of those problems, the game is still near great.
PlayStationPower Unlimited
Syphon Filter 2 is een aktiegame in hart en nieren die sterk voortborduurt op het eerste deel. Veel is hetzelfde maar toch net ietsje beter.
If you've never tried a game in this series, Syphon Filter 2 is definitely worth a try. Now that it can be commonly found for less than $20, it is a game that you can add to your library that you won't regret purchasing.
PlayStationGame Revolution
But before you run off to Toys 'R Us (or the GR Store), I have reiterate: SF2 is very much like SF1. In fact, you could probably call it the equivalent of an expansion pack and a patch to the original. Fans of the original should aim for the head and pull the trigger - this one's a no-brainer.
PlayStationMega Fun
Ich möchte mich zuerst als großer Fan des Vorgängers outen, da es selten zuvor ein Action-Titel für Sonys 32-Bitter geschafft hat, mich trotz knackiger Missionen immer wieder zu einem Spielchen zu motivieren. Im Nachfolger verbesserte man nun sogar die misslungene Speicherfunktion des Erstlings. Doch trotz allen technischen Tunings vermag Teil 2 nicht mehr so zu knallen. Durch manche Missionen gleitet ihr so schnell wie ein Messer durch ein Stück Butter, während ihr in anderen aufgrund der ungleich gewichteten KI der Rivalen verzweifelt. Syphon Filter 2 bietet die konsequente Fortführung eines erfolgreichen Titels, wobei es aber an Innovation mangelt.
Syphon Filter 2 La compañía 989 Studios ha conseguido una magnifica secuela en un relativo corto espacio de tiempo, donde manteniendo la formula original de SF, introduce novedades, tanto en el apartado técnico como jugable, que convierten a SF2 en un titulo imprescindible. Eso si, hay que recordar que los 2 CD's del juego contienen escenas muy duras y violentas, lo que le convierte en un juego solo para adultos. Lo sentimos por los mas pequeños, así que tendrán que conformarse con otros juegos de este estilo menos violentos.
All in all, 989 Studios has done a bang-up job continuing the Syphon Filter franchise. Granted there isn't much innovation or improvement in the graphics or gameplay, but we'll let that slide this time around, just because the game is so fun. Still, we feel that this is as far as the series should go on the current PlayStation. 989 is hopefully looking ahead and planning a truly innovative second sequel for the PlayStation 2. That would be the best way to keep the franchise from shooting blanks.
PlayStationSuper Play
Men det finns absolut ingen anledning att hålla sig undan från Syphon Filter 2. För min del hade det gärna fått vara ännu svårare. Uppdragen är så varierande och spännande att jag kan spela om varje delmoment hur många gånger som helst. Och det är inte ofta jag känner så.
Une suite qui ressemble tout de même plus à un add-on. Nouvelles missions, quelques options en plus, mais le fond est le même. Heureusement que le premier était un très bon jeu !
When I first picked up Syphon Filter 2 (SF2), I was not expecting anything more than what was already offered in SF, and if SF2 actually improved on the original, that was even better. The return of the more favorable points from the original and improvements in graphics, story and additional gameplay modes notwithstanding, SF2 falls far short thanks to gameplay balance issues that are never fixed and returning glitches from the original SF popping up at the most inopportune times.
If you were a big fan of Syphon Filter, you may get a kick out of the sequel, but the lackluster mission design and super-convoluted story really cancel out the improvements to the game's control.