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System Shock

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Your system has been shocked. Remember to Salt The Fries DOS *Katakis* (37823)
An FPS with a Plot!?! DOOM seems insignificant by comparison! DOS Great Hierophant (225)
The Finest First-Person Shooter Ever Designed. DOS Doug Peterson (6)
Words cannot begin to describe how great this game really is! DOS hydra9 (3851)
Massive potential that is now only recognised in hindsight DOS RussS (781)
Brilliant does not even begin to describe this game. DOS Tomer Gabel (4380)
This game creeped me out! DOS Shiek of Geek (27)
A Classic Game in league with Ultima Underworld I and II DOS Chris Martin (1098)
Outstanding game, truly remarkable for its time DOS Mark Gibson (2)
Certainly one of the best games ever created DOS plumifrons (95)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
DOS 210 4.0
Macintosh 8 3.4
PC-98 5 4.2
Combined MobyScore 223 4.0

The Press Says

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DOSHigh Score
System Shock är också ett av dessa spel som jag fruktat. För vad gör man när femmorna inte räcker till längre?
DOSJust Adventure
System Shock is a fun game. It is not an adventure game but it contains enough adventure elements to be attractive to fans of that genre. On the other hand at first sight it looks like an action shooter so action gamers might mistakenly play a game that requires more than just eye-hand coordination. The graphics look pixely nowadays but it wouldn't be fair to compare System Shock with games that require hundred times more horsepower (if only they were hundred times better!). It has distinct atmosphere (when the cyborgs jump at you from the dark it's really scary!) and the gameplay is very immersive, it is really hard to stop playing once you started. Given all that, I decided to award System Shock a nice and clean A. It is one of the games that will not be forgotten anytime soon.
DOSJust Games Retro
If you're into classic gaming, you should have already played this by now. If not, you owe it to yourself. This is one of the few games on the site that I can wholeheartedly recommend tracking down on Ebay or Amazon and going to the trouble of a purchase. It's simply astounding as a horror game, an adventure game, and an RPG, and a knockout punch as all three.
Uskomaton tunnelma ja realistinen pelimaailma kietovat pelaajan täysin pauloihinsa, eivätkä hellitä ennen loppudemon ilmestymistä ruutuun. Mutta unihan onkin koneettomien korvike kunnon todellisuuspakopeleille...
The most astonishing movement control in any game anywhere ever. Some of the puzzles aren't very inspired; steep system requirements. One of the finest, best-executed, and most enjoyable first-person RPG shooters ever; a landmark achievement.
System Shock vaatii rinnalleen vauhdikkaan 486:n ja tehokkaan näytönohjaimen. Koko ruudun näyttö kutkuttaa raivoisasti makuhermoja, monitorintäyteisen keinuvan avaruusaseman repiessä pelaajansa maksaa. Katso kuvaa ja kuvittele sama livenä.
DOSComputer Gaming World (CGW)
SYSTEM SHOCK is a truly massive game, both in size of the exactingly modeled 3D world of Citadel station. Quite frankly, I have never seen a game attempted at this level, and despite its shortcoming, I am still simply amazed that this thing runs on just a PC and not a Cray (though you'll want as hearty of a PC as possible). If you've got the requisite beefy 486 machine, go out and get this game, re-read Gibson's Neuromancer, turn out the lights and prepare not to return for a long, long time.
System Shock is a great First-Person mashup of genres that was light years ahead of its time and deserves a weekend of anyone's time. Seriously, get it and play it.
DOSJoystick (French)
Grâce à son principe de paramètrage, System Shock devrait ravir les maniaques du combat autant que les amateurs de jeux de rôles sophistiqués.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
System Shock ist auf den ersten Blick eines der vielen ordinären Ballerspiele, die momentan den Markt über schwemmen. Doch schon die technische Qualität von Grafik und Sound, sowie die über zeugende Atmosphäre heben dieses Spiel aus der Masse heraus. Die vielschichtige Handlung und die komplexen Handlungsstränge, die sich dem Spieler erst nach und nach erschließen, lassen System Shock eher einem Adventure oder Rollenspiel ähneln. Lediglich die recht brutale Gewalt, die auch bei System Shock wieder einmal ihren Platz findet, trennt System Shock vom optimalen Spiel.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Düstere Cyberpunk-Atmosphäre, Action und Puzzles: Das Programmierteam von "Ultima Underworld" zieht im neuen 3D-Opus alle Register seines Könnens.
DOSPower Play
Lange genug hats gedauert, bis Looking Glass ihre verbesserte "Underworld" Engine auf die Monitore brachte, doch das Warten hat sich gelohnt. Wer utopisch orientiert ist und ein komplexes Spielvergnügen sucht, der kommt in diesem Herbst an "System Shock" nicht vorbei. Seit Interplay ehrwürdigem "Neuromancer" für den C64 hat keiner mehr so gekonnt für hochspannige Cyberpunk Atmosphäre gesorgt - Verfolgungs Paranoia ist garantiert.
DOSThe DOS Spirit
System Shock står for mange som ene og alene for at spill som Deus Ex og Bioshock har blitt laget. Så ta deg en kopp kaffe, og hent ned denne klassikeren. Når du er ferdig med denne, så tar du å kjører gjennom System Shock 2 for å bli klar til Bioshock den 24. August.
DOSASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Auch das Gameplay ist allererste Sahne. Den Designern ist es gelungen, die richtige Mischung aus Action und Adventure zu finden, die sogar Leute wie mich, die nicht unbedingt auf Ballerspiele stehen, wochenlang an den Monitor fesselt. Immer wieder nimmt die Handlung überraschende Wendungen, die die Spannung weiter in die Höhe treiben. Und obwohl das mit vielen neuen und interessanten Features aufwartende Game nun wirklich nicht gerade friedlich ist, muß ihm bescheinigt werden, daß hier nicht einfach voyeuristisch herumgesplattert wird — System Shock erzählt eine Story, die zwar nichts für zartbesaitete Gemüter ist, die aber Stil, Atmosphäre und in gewissem Maße einen tieferen Sinn hat.
DOSAdventure Classic Gaming
System Shock may in fact be an adventure game, but different from other adventure games of today you do not just roam around triggering the next story element. Indeed, your actions are not tied only to the plotline. So, maybe it is not an adventure game at all.
One of the major drawbacks of System Shock, as I alluded to before, is simply how hard it is to get working on a modern machine. This is a game that runs in DOS, so anyone using a computer built after 1997 or so will need to download an emulator and a couple of other programs in order to get it running. It will most likely take a couple of hours of pounding the keyboard and yelling obscenities, but the end result is well worth the effort. System Shock is a gem from days past, and it easily stands up to the test of time.
MacintoshHigh Score
Den som gillar att spendera timmar med manualen hittar ett spel som bara tilltalar de värsta av gamers. Vi andra väljer att spela Doom II istället, där vi får det som spelet utlovade - full action utan strul.