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Take the A-Train IV

Take the A-Train IV Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title and copyright screen
Main menu
The intro shows some images during the day...
...and night
Good weather, big city, lots of trains - what else do you need?
Very early in the morning, a sleepy town...
Check your company stats
Financial situation
Look at the beautiful tower
Stock exchange screen
Gotta be a good manager...
The bank manager has something to tell me
It rains non-stop over the village at dusk...
This city looks weird. Trains mainly transport goods
The idiot manager attempts to build a railroad bridge in the middle of nowhere. "You can't do that, sir", a kind-hearted worker patiently explains
Ahh, just look at all those beauties!
Railroad management screen
I built a track and a station! Hurray?
It was a dull, rainy morning in a small, ugly town...
I built a road and a bus station near the river shore. Neither of the two serve any purpose whatsoever
Bus selection
Sir, you ain't got no buses. As a driver, I refuse to operate a non-existing vehicle. 'Scuse my language, sir
A large, futuristic city during the day...
...and night
Let's build all kinds of crazy entertainment!
Make the world greener!
It would be hard to find a place to build a house here
Yeah, ski resort. That's just what this place needs

Take the A-Train IV Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
Some demo gameplay
Dunno, I kinda like Transport Tycoon better...
This is the "medium" metropolitan area... wow...
Night falls over the village...
Financial stats...
The numbers get more complex
Building a track? Where??
Ohhh, so many trains!
"We can't build a station here. No place", - patiently explains the worker to the idiot manager
Good morning, citizens! You need roads??
Nothing like building a factory in the middle of nowhere...
Rain begins...
Lonely train, rain over the plain... am I a poet or what?
Coastal area
Industrial scenario
Planning a schedule
Those poor lonely guys need a road!
Buying buses
Building a railway along the river bank...
Station stats
Wow... high-tech city!!..
Everything looks OK, the train connects the city with suburbs...
Beautiful systems!
Train goes out of the tunnel; bus is nearby... what a life!
Train crosses a huge bridge
Cool road layout! Cozy bus an night... :)
Hmm, looks like those guys need some roads...
Beautiful city at night...
What a weather... but I've built a double track!
It snows!!..
Huge city in winter
New district, new terminal, new train!..