Take the A-Train IV Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title and copyright screen
Main menu
The intro shows some images during the day...
...and night
Good weather, big city, lots of trains - what else do you need?
Very early in the morning, a sleepy town...
Check your company stats
Financial situation
Look at the beautiful tower
Stock exchange screen
Gotta be a good manager...
The bank manager has something to tell me
It rains non-stop over the village at dusk...
This city looks weird. Trains mainly transport goods
The idiot manager attempts to build a railroad bridge in the middle of nowhere. "You can't do that, sir", a kind-hearted worker patiently explains
Ahh, just look at all those beauties!
Railroad management screen
I built a track and a station! Hurray?
It was a dull, rainy morning in a small, ugly town...
I built a road and a bus station near the river shore. Neither of the two serve any purpose whatsoever
Bus selection
Sir, you ain't got no buses. As a driver, I refuse to operate a non-existing vehicle. 'Scuse my language, sir
A large, futuristic city during the day...
...and night
Let's build all kinds of crazy entertainment!
Make the world greener!
It would be hard to find a place to build a house here
Yeah, ski resort. That's just what this place needs

PC-98 version

Title screen
Some demo gameplay
Dunno, I kinda like Transport Tycoon better...
This is the "medium" metropolitan area... wow...
Night falls over the village...
Financial stats...
The numbers get more complex
Building a track? Where??
Ohhh, so many trains!
"We can't build a station here. No place", - patiently explains the worker to the idiot manager
Good morning, citizens! You need roads??
Nothing like building a factory in the middle of nowhere...
Rain begins...
Lonely train, rain over the plain... am I a poet or what?
Coastal area
Industrial scenario
Planning a schedule
Those poor lonely guys need a road!
Buying buses
Building a railway along the river bank...
Station stats
Wow... high-tech city!!..
Everything looks OK, the train connects the city with suburbs...
Beautiful systems!
Train goes out of the tunnel; bus is nearby... what a life!
Train crosses a huge bridge
Cool road layout! Cozy bus an night... :)
Hmm, looks like those guys need some roads...
Beautiful city at night...
What a weather... but I've built a double track!
It snows!!..
Huge city in winter
New district, new terminal, new train!..

Windows 3.x version

Main Window