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Title screen A
The intro shows the important characters in slightly provocative poses...
...as well as reasonably attractive battle action
Title screen B
The game's first scene already betrays its Japanese RPG origins in many ways: goofy emoticons, awkward translation, and unrealistic reaction to what is supposed to be severe physical pain
On board the gorgeous ship Draconis. Don't worry, you'll get to navigate this baby yourself... though much, much later
The first dungeon-like area of the game contains a guy on a toilet. Now this is something we don't see too often in games
Important story events are presented as such full-screen still images
Early battle. Stahn here hacks away with simple physical attacks
On the world map. See your current party and a mini-map as well
One of the first towns you'll visit. Standard pseudo-medieval look prevails
Main party management menu
Individual status screen. This party member seems... interesting
Dude, I totally dig the art here. Groovy!..
Battle on the world map, still within the game's first quarter. My companion hits those beasties with fireballs
You can view the fairly complex moves of your main character
Executing Spin Slash, an early, yet very effective move
The capital city of the first main region. Street scenes, slightly larger houses... but nothing out of ordinary
One of the game's many weapon shops - in a somewhat gloomy area
Forest battle. Birds attack from above. Chaos ensues
"Xipu!", as a cute Chinese kid I know would say. You attempt to discuss the theology of St. Basil and its influence on the doctrine of Trinity with a sheep
Later in the game you'll explore the snowy part of the largest continent. Here you see a lot of snow and a save point
You'll have to gather all sorts of food
An experienced party is posing at a victory screen after having vanquished snowy foes
A quiet town in the South. Really, that's where the game's coldest regions are
Oh wow! One of your female companions is casting Maelstrom. The enemies seem convinced by that
Cave dungeon. Crazy leaping Yetis attack
A seriously-looking castle dungeon. Check the colors!..
At one point you'll have to navigate a slime-infested maze
Your leader is confused. No, really, those slimes cast a Confuse spell on him
A gorgeously-looking white dungeon with some of the game's toughest foes
Yup, even this high-level party is getting pounded by this mean-looking angel. A tired skeleton is watching with weary respect
Finally, you get to fly your own ship!..
Couldn't they get a better font or something?..
One of the game's grimmer areas - the Junkland
Bomb Pain, Vortex... those monsters know what they are doing
Checking out some posters in a cat town
A clean-looking, neatly arranged room in one of the game's poorer towns
Exploring a region capital at night
Hitting a market in Stahn's home village
Nice water effect!..