Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 1 - Launch of the Screaming Narwhal Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Ready to start a new game
A familiar introduction to the game.
Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirateā„¢ to the resue.
The weapon to defeat LeChuck is almost complete.
The inventory appears on the right side of the screen. Items can be examined, used in the environment, or combined.
LeChuck and a monkey.
LeChuck is still obsessed with monkey experiments.
Guybrush once again manages to "lose" Elaine to his rival.
Rescue Elaine, kill zombie-pirate LeChuck, save monkeys... now in which order should he do it.
Armed and dangerous.
Alas, Guybrush is struck by another curse.
Title Screen
Guybrush shipwrecks on Flotsam Island.
What's wrong with my hand?
The local reporter is glad to finally have another story.
Chapter Screen
Exploring the different shops.
In front of the Keelhauler Gazette, where the anonymous informant Deep Cut may have more information about Elaine.
Guybrush tries to seize a ship in his own way.
Lesson 1, always check other people's underwear, you never know what useful things you might find hiding there.
Crimpdigit is a fearsome pirate that sells glass unicorns.
His name is pirate glassblower.
Exiting beach.
An encounter in the jungle.
Can you decipher the map to find the mystical Dark Ninja Dave treasure?
Guybrush ponders what to blow up first.
A map of Flotsam Island where the travelling is shown just like the classic games.
Guybrush' ego is still intact after all these years.
Court house entrance
Current captain of screaming narwhal
Doctor is busy
Finding a scary looking shack in the woods... now if only I can find out the password to enter.
Guybrush at the wishing well, wishing to be the mightiest pirate of them all, kind of backfired.
Reunion with the Voodoo Lady
Guybrush is interested in his future.
The only way to lift the curse is to find the legendary giant sponge.
When you don't know the controls, press every button you see.
Guybrush found a new companion to his liking.
The best way to break an unbreakable bottle is to smash it into your face apparently.
Testing the ship's cannons... but with winds like these, you cannot predict where the cannonball will fall.
Marquis De Singe is intrigued by Guybrush' curse.
A number of ingenious puzzles needs to be solved to escape here.
Running on the docks.
The whole island becomes infected.
Guybrush discovers an ancient machine in the jungle.
Guybrush Threepwood, master of improvisation.
One of the few moments where the cursed hand isn't punching our hero in the face.
Finally, back aboard a ship.
Looking for Elaine ...