Tales of Phantasia Screenshots

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Game Boy Advance version

Intro quote
Title screen
Intro: A battle (but who are these people and why are they fighting?)
Intro: Weird traveling
Intro: The 4 warrior seals the mysterious figure into the tomb along with a pendant
Welcome to Totus and meet our hero, Cress as he and his friend Chester heads out to hunt.
At the chapel in Totus
World Map
First Battle
Who's that?!
Oh no! Someone attacked and slaughtered everyone in Totus including Cress' parents
Save screen
Finding treasures
How can you relax with a freaky clown like that around?!
Approaching a peddler
Status screen with a nice picture of our hero
Form screen - determine where you want your characters to be positioned in battle
Title screen - one of the additional features from the SNES version
Cooking screen - collect recipe and then try them out with the necessary ingredients

SNES version

Title Screen
This proverb shows up when you boot the game
Flying (intro)
Cool shot at the end of the intro
A mysterious battle in the intro
Choosing a name for the hero.
Impressive 3D graphics
The game starts directly with this flashback battle.
Nica attention to detail: birds walking around...
Nice shadows!
World map - 3D
There are many really beautiful locations in the game
You can do cool jump attacks if you use the B button while attacking from a long distance.
Buying things