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PlayStation 2VicioJuegos.com (Sep 25, 2008)
Así pues sólo nos queda recomendar muy encarecidamente la compra de este juego a todo aquel que guste de los juegos de rol orientales, ya que en él encontrarán un representante espectacular y un más que digno conmemorativo de los más de diez años que lleva con nosotros esta saga contadora de cuentos.
PlayStation 2Legendra (Dec 14, 2006)
Sans conteste l'épisode de la série le plus abouti à tout niveau, Tales of the Abyss pèche légèrement par une surcharge de dialogues au détriment des phases de jeu. Qu'importe, le plaisir est bien là, et l'on prend son pied à diriger les excellents personnages tout au long du jeu. La série fête ses 10 ans avec son meilleur épisode, Mieu Mieu!
Nintendo 3DSRPGFan (Feb 23, 2012)
A portable version of one of the best Tales games? You'd be foolish to pass this up.
Nintendo 3DS4Players.de (Dec 15, 2011)
Tales of the Abyss ist auch auf dem 3DS ein klasse Rollenspiel in typischer Tales-Tradition, das seit seinem PS2-Debüt vor sechs Jahren kaum an Faszination eingebüßt hat - und das trotz gestrichener Koop-Funktion, fragwürdigen 3D-Effekts und fehlender Lokalisierung. Aber allein schon, dass man während des epischen Abenteuers mehrere Stunden weniger vor schwarzen Ladebildschirmen verbringt, stimmt versöhnlich. Wer das Original kennt, kann sich die inhaltsgleiche Handheld-Adaption natürlich sparen, aber alle anderen freuen sich auf eine packende Story voller Tragik, Komik und Überraschungen in einer Welt voller Geheimnisse. Klar hätte man sich für das Comeback ein paar Extras wie zusätzliche Anime-Sequenzen, vertonte Gruppendialoge, ein Schlachtfeldradar à la Star Ocean oder eine Kartenfunktion in Dungeons gewünscht, aber auch ohne jegliche Überarbeitung kann dieses Abenteuer wochenlang bestens unterhalten - und das nicht nur mangels Konkurrenz.
PlayStation 2IGN (Oct 11, 2006)
Tales of the Abyss is one of those games that should please die-hard Tales fans and win over a number of newcomers to the series. Lots of memorable heroes and villains, tons of missions and side-quests, and lots of goals that you won't exactly discover or finish on the first play through helps add to the game. However, some linear plot directions, long load times and a quirky battle system that sometimes degenerates into button mashing bogs down what is otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable RPG.
PlayStation 21UP (Nov 07, 2006)
Unfortunately, the game's low-budget localization hinders the storytelling -- oodles of optional "skits" that were fully voiced in Japan now play out as silent text. This shouldn't surprise anyone who played Symphonia (as the same edits were made there), but it still sucks. If you were able to quickly advance the text, the lack of voice acting wouldn't sting so badly. As it stands, you're forced to patiently wait as dialogue slowly appears onscreen at the same rate as the now-absent voice acting. Sound fun? Only masochistic gamers with plenty of time to kill will suffer through these skits...and really, even if they had voices, would these skits be the ideal way to insert more characterization into the game? Perhaps in a future Tales adventure, characters will spout off naturally while you traverse fields and dungeons. Now that would be progress.
Nintendo 3DSNintendo-Online.de (Dec 05, 2011)
Nur die wenigsten Serienfans in Deutschland dürften „Tales of the Abyss“ bereits gespielt haben, weshalb die 3DS-Umsetzung gerade recht kommt. Wer sich an der englischen Sprache und zum Teil wirklich durchwachsenen Technik nicht stört, wird ein wundervolles Rollenspiel mit einem Umfang weit jenseits der 30 Stunden vorfinden. Gerade an den Ladezeiten wurde für den Nintendo 3DS deutlich geschraubt, weshalb wir euch ganz klar die Handheldfassung des Spiels empfehlen.
Nintendo 3DSConsole Obsession (Jun 26, 2012)
Tales of the Abyss may have many of the foibles of the franchise, but it nevertheless serves as a great introduction to the 3DS for the genre and is at the same time a delightful look back at the legendary JRPG series, featuring a cast of personality laden characters that rank amongst the genres best and gameplay mechanics that will be familiar to anyone that has previously embarked on a Tales adventure and for the long time fans there will be comfort in that familiarity, whilst for everyone else, it’s as good a place to start as any.
Nintendo 3DSJeuxpo.com (Nov 25, 2011)
Tales of the Abyss s'impose comme l'un des meilleurs volets de la série, et donc comme un très bon jeu de rôles, genre encore peu représenté sur Nintendo 3DS. Ce titre signé Namco devrait donc satisfaire les amateurs du genre, même si on pourra regretter l'absence d'une traduction française.
Nintendo 3DSinformaticien.be (Jan 04, 2012)
Tales of the Abyss s'impose comme l'un des meilleurs volets de la série, et donc comme un très bon jeu de rôles, genre encore peu représenté sur Nintendo 3DS. Ce titre signé Namco devrait donc satisfaire les amateurs du genre, même si on pourra regretter l'absence d'une traduction française.
Nintendo 3DSN-Europe (Dec 07, 2011)
Clocking in at more than 40 hours worth of game time, Abyss is certainly by no means going to take a short time to complete and with Grade collected throughout the first play it can be used to modify the way you play it a second time. Abyss is a perfect example of how the traditional RPG can be changed and still maintain its original charm. The free-run battle system feels more natural and the interface feels so comfortable in your hands. It offers a far more richer and immersive experience than simply flicking through a menu like you would in turn based combat and with the obvious effort that has been put in to breathe life into what on first appearances would seem to be your generic RPG characters. Abyss is a recommendation for RPG fans who fancy a change and any newcomers to the genre who can ease themselves in who are also fans of the action-adventure genre, as Abyss flawlessly integrates the two.
Nintendo 3DSNintendo Life (Dec 11, 2011)
The 3DS doesn’t yet offer much choice for those who favour lengthy adventures over quick-fix pick-up-and-play games. However, if you are such a person, Tales of the Abyss should quench your thirst. It might not make the best use of the 3DS’ unique visual capabilities and certain omissions might be cause for minor grumbling, but this is still a shining example of a great JRPG and one that any fans of the genre would be foolish to pass up on.
Nintendo 3DSJeuxvideo.com (Nov 30, 2011)
En attendant de pouvoir un jour profiter d'un épisode de la saga Tales of véritablement inédit sur 3DS et spécialement développé pour cette console, ne boudons pas notre plaisir de découvrir ce Tales of the Abyss qui n'était jamais sorti en Europe dans sa version d'origine sur PS2. Certes, on regrette beaucoup que le soft n'ait pas bénéficié d'une traduction en français et que les voix anglaises soient imposées, mais il s'agit clairement d'un des volets les plus marquants de la série.
Nintendo 3DSPocket Gamer UK (Nov 25, 2011)
Tales of the Abyss 3DS takes the original release and betters it, with great RPG action on-the-go.
PlayStation 2HonestGamers (Dec 02, 2011)
Still, Tales of the Abyss is a marked improvement over Tales of Legendia. I spent roughly 75 hours immersed in its world, which reaffirms the proverb "Time Flies When You're Having Fun", as it didn't feel like nearly that long. If it was a bit tougher on normal difficulty and had eliminated some of the "go here, now go there" busywork, it would have been truly great. But still, it is pretty darn good and was more than capable of keeping my interest.
PlayStation 2Video Game Talk (Nov 12, 2006)
Tales of the Abyss is a solid RPG and quite possibly one of the best installments in the Tales franchise. Namco outdid themselves with this title and any RPG fan looking for something to drop over 60 hours on will fall in love. The tale is rich, the world is beautiful and the combat system is for the most part constantly upbeat and exciting. Some issues like button mashing and slowdown hurt things a bit but overall this is a great experience from beginning to end. Add this one to your holiday wish lists.
Nintendo 3DSOfficial Nintendo Magazine (Nov 25, 2011)
Enjoyable Japanese RPG that, despite the graphical overhaul, is showing its age.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Oct 10, 2006)
Even with the glut of similar role-playing games on the PlayStation 2, Tales of the Abyss is an entertaining experience throughout. The story isn't especially engaging, but the characters are, and the combat is simple but satisfying. The fact that the game is available at less-than-full retail price only sweetens the deal.
Nintendo 3DSJeux Vidéo Network (Jan 09, 2012)
Tales of the Abyss nous embarque dans un univers solide, mais surtout il a donné naissance à des personnages. En fournissant un travail d’écriture absolument colossal, Namco Tales Studio a injecté du caractère à des protagonistes tous plus attachants les uns que les autres. Si le système de combat date un peu et si le couple réalisation/mise en scène accuse lui aussi le poids des ans, le développement de ses personnages et la richesse de leur arbre relationnel reste une référence du genre.
Nintendo 3DSJeuxActu (Dec 06, 2011)
Coincé entre classicisme, nostalgie et sursauts de modernité plus ou moins pertinents, Tales of the Abyss version 3DS conserve ses qualités originelles et se montre même encore surprenant d'efficacité, ainsi que très agréable à parcourir. Mais certains de ses aspects vieillots et son côté « remake de la honte » risquent de le couper d'un public habitué à un peu plus de confort et de finition ; sans parler de ceux qui ont terminé la version originelle sur PlayStation 2. Bandai Namco Games a visé un peu faux dans le choix des nouveautés à apporter à une copie pourtant équilibrée. Une erreur dommageable tant il est agréable d'avoir un bon petit RPG à faire sous la couette. Tout le monde n'a pas la classe du remake de Tactics Ogre : Let Us Cling Together.
Nintendo 3DSMeristation (Nov 30, 2011)
El maravilloso viaje de Luke fon Fabre no se nos contó en las PS2 europeas. Namco Bandai recupera Tales of the Abyss y lo acerca a 3DS con un port recortado, totalmente en inglés y con un efecto 3D meramente anecdótico. Eso sí, detrás hay un enorme J-RPG, una historia inolvidable y diversión a raudales.
PlayStation 2Gamernode (Oct 16, 2006)
Tales of the Abyss is an RPG that will appeal to old-school fans of the genre, or newcomers who want an RPG that is simple to pick up and learn. However, there are some rather glaring negatives that have to be considered before buying this game: there is a never-ending number of load screens which breaks up the continuity of the game, the storyline is sluggish and sometimes uninspired, and many tasks which you are required to do seem to be nothing more than a device to extend the gameplay length. The game,s story will be difficult to follow for some, and may not be interesting enough to carry you through the entire game. When all is said and done, Tales of the Abyss will most likely find a home on the shelves of Tales fans, but it doesn't seem like this will be the game that makes Tales a mainstream RPG brand in the US.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Nov, 2006)
If you’d asked me in the first five hours how I felt about this by-the-book anime RPG, I’d have growled, possibly cursed under my breath, and turned back to the screen. Thankfully, like so many games of this ilk, it reveals its worth in later hours with a story and characters that I found myself increasingly involved with, even if I’ve seen their like before dozens of times. With the exception of some brief animated cut-scenes, nothing about the visuals is impressive. But the marginally 3D action battle system is an improvement over the recent Tales of Legendia, and the plotline has enough political twists and betrayals to keep you playing, even if the main character is another confused youth with amnesia. Do we need to start a petition to halt that particular plot device, or what?
PlayStation 2Worth Playing (Oct 16, 2006)
In the end, Tales of the Abyss isn't a bad title. It takes a few steps forward and a few steps back from the previous offerings in the series. The plot is overly long and a bit too predictable, and although the gameplay is fun, it just doesn't bring anything particularly exciting to the world either, and the new systems are basically useless. Those looking for an RPG fix to hold them over could do worse than picking up Tales of the Abyss, but if you have limited time for gaming, you might want to give it a pass. Even those who don't play Abyss might want to consider the soundtrack, though!
Nintendo 3DSRPG Site (Jan 18, 2012)
Tales of the Abyss marks the first truly major 'proper' RPG release for the Nintendo 3DS, and whilst this is a very basic and bare-bones port of a PS2 title this sets the system's RPG library off on a good footing. Tales of the Abyss wasn't perfect back in 2005 and it's even less so now when compared to some modern gameplay titles, but it's still a fine game with charm, wit and unique ideas that make it stand out aesthetically - even if in other areas it's aged less gracefully.
Nintendo 3DSIGN (Jan 09, 2012)
It’s impressive that Namco-Bandai has managed to port a full-sized, voice-acted Japanese RPG to the 3DS without sacrificing any of the content from the PlayStation 2 version. But it’s also a six-year-old game that hasn’t aged well in all respects, and if you’re a North American Tales fan, it’s likely to be one you’ve played before. Like all the Tales games, this is a charmer, but it probably won’t be long before it’s outdone by a game that’s actually been made for the platform.
Nintendo 3DSGod is a Geek (Dec 06, 2011)
Tales of the Abyss is a game that’s very easy to play for long periods of time without a problem. Players can wander around the world completing quests or just exploring and going back to the main storyline whenever they want to. If you’re a fan of J-RPG’s then Tales of the Abyss is one that you should be checking out for sure, the story can seem a little bit convoluted at times, and some of the character’s personalities can get a little grating, but if you manage to stick with it then you’re sure to find the experience quite rewarding.
Nintendo 3DSComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Sep 11, 2011)
Gargantuan role-player that will gain much in translation. Unless you're fluent in Japanese, hold on for its UK debut in a few months' time.
Nintendo 3DSGameSpot (Nov 28, 2011)
Despite being a rather disappointing port, Tales of the Abyss is still likable. Not much is lost by simply switching the game to 2D and appreciating it for what it is: an enjoyable handheld version of a very good Tales game that we've not seen in this region before. But for those who have already played the game on the PS2, it's harder to recommend a repeat purchase when the central new feature actively makes the game worse. Nonetheless, it's an enjoyable, engrossing RPG with plenty of content and is worth a look if you've never played it before.