Talisman: Prologue Screenshots

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Windows version

Main title.
Character selection - Displaying a warrior, able to throw two dice during combat and use the highest roll as the end result.
Another character, the vampire hunter. Different characters also have different quests (scenarios) to choose from.
Game start - A fantasy board game. Roll a six-sided dice to move. Our assassin figure is on the NW corner of the board. Different characters have different starting positions.
Some character have special abilities related to specific locations. The elf for example is able to evade from fighting a dragon in the woods.
Most locations usually allow the player to draw an adventure card, which may have a positive or negative result. Shown here is the player obtaining an item.
Some adventure cards are temporary or permanent in effect. Permanent cards, like the witch, will override the previous location instructions every time the character moves on that location.
Some locations have unique instructions, some of which also involve an additional dice roll when a character lands on it.